Woven: Ramona Park

August’s Flint Public Art Parade brings us to the winding streets around Ramona Park in historic Metawanene Hills neighborhood, featuring a large-scale fabric piece hanging from the eaves of Cook School created by Montana-native Amanda Browder in collaboration with area textile artists Ariel Sammone, Ash Arder, and Gregory Hatch, and alongside Metawanene Hills Neighborhood Association co-chairs Wendy Johnson and Bill Hammond. Mod Tie Etiquette jazzes up the scene with live music, following a walk led by thundering Nightfire Drumline and a neighborhood hangout hosted by great DJ Tomas Tello.

Wendy Johnson1600
Bill and Wendy1600
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When: Aug. 27, 5:30 – 8:30 pm
Where: Ramona Park, Flint (N. Grand Traverse between Stone and Edgewood)

Special thanks to Dan Crannie of Signs by Crannie for helping us install and donating time for the project.

In cooperation with Neighborhood Restoration Coalition, Salem Housing, Neighborhood Engagement Hub, Flint Neighborhoods United, UFO Village, Civic Park Neighborhood Association, Michigan State Police, Consumers Energy, the Flint Police Department, Elga Bank, and Walmart, with support from the Ruth Mott Foundation.