I wish I could’ve been there

I wish I could’ve stopped it 

I wish you would’ve called me, because we are now, not a pair

I wish I could have stopped it


in a sense I feel broken

in a sense I don’t know what or how to feel anymore

in a sense I still feel like you can be awoken

in a sense I still feel ashamed 

in a sense I feel there’s nothing more I can gain

however in a sense, I know that in you, there’s nothing left to restore


in this dark tract, I will forever feel defeat

in this dark tract, you lie here so lifeless 

in this dark tract, still young and beautiful, I wish I wouldn’t have left you alone

in this dark tract, looking at you only adds more distress

in this dark tract, I heavily think to myself all of our future plans are now forever postponed 


I guess this is the end of your suffering 

I guess I can be content about that 

but while you are not here, my life will continue buffering 

but at the very most, I know you’re no longer suffering


By Ja’Karra Nelson 

Stephen Eric Lee, better known as E.LEE, is a full time artist living and working in Chicago. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Millkin University in 2002. He has exhibited his work in Chicago / Paris / NY and created murals around the world including: Chicago, London, New York, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Nagoya, and Osaka. His work explores the beliefs we share, often drawing upon symbols of value seen in our popular culture.