What time is it?


Why does time go by so fast

One timeline cam destroy another

Wondering if you should live in the present or prepare for the future 


Time doesn’t stop

When time slips by, I just tell myself


I’ll finish it Sunday


I’ll finish it tomorrow


I’ll finish it after school 


Where has the time gone?!


1 day turns into 1 week


60 seconds later…


60 minutes later..


What time is it?


By Shayna Clingman

The Mad Scientist Mural and Poem

by: Davis Ouedraogo

The mad scientist named Marvin was on a roll.

He has one of the smartest minds in the world.

He can solve any problem the world throws at

him. One day, he heard about a massive virus that

was spreading all over the city called the Mega Virus.

On that same day, one of the researchers named Carl that was studying

the virus came into Marvin laboratory. The researcher said that

he and that other researchers could not find a way to cure

those who were infected by the mega virus. So Carl asked Marvin if he

knew of a way to help cure people. Marvin said that he had an idea, but

he would need a sample of the virus to make a cure. So he and Carl left the lab to get a sample of the virus. When they got back, they started experimenting with the sample, trying to figure out which natural chemical is strong enough to clear the virus.

Marvin said he tried everything and nothing work, so the only thing they could 

do was figure out which medicine could work. Marvin found that one chemical

Inside mucinex could help, so he used that to make a pure medicine.

After it was finished, he tried it on the infected people, and sure enough

It worked, and the doctor saved the day.        

Providing a visual diary of her personal journey through life, inspirations, and influences is the mission behind her art. It’s meant to tell a story of the good, and the bad issues that matter most to her. Originally from Dayton, OH, she studied fine art and fashion design then held a career as a fashion designer in Los Angeles for 3 years before deciding to go back to my first love -painting!  She then gave everything she had to live as a painter, while expanding her painting career across the world. She’s currently primarily focused murals and canvas paintings.

She believes as a muralist, it is her duty to help provide communities with powerful artwork and give everyone an opportunity to access art. Sacred lands, animals, and cultural communities are the main underlying theme in her work. My goal is to paint for positive impact and help bring communities together.

“There is no greater joy for me than to provide artwork for the masses.” ~ Erica Arndts

Welcome to Blackstone’s – Flint and Genesee County’s not-so-Irish, Irish pub. Join your friends, family or colleagues at our classic drinking and dining hall that preserves the history of the past and promotes the promise of the future. Whether it’s lunch with colleagues, happy hour with friends or casual dining with family, Blackstone’s is your destination for food, fun and frivolity.

When warm weather prevails, sit outside and watch Flint’s ever-changing streetscape unfold. Good food. Great people. Good fun. Blackstone’s – where the luck of the Irish (and the not-so-Irish) never runs out.