Little Miss Me





The name seemingly diminutive

However deafening

Louder than krakatoa in 1883


As if I could disguise it in grains of sand?

Nevertheless Reciprocal

So Impactful I see myself




Standing out in the land of chaos 

A Little girl in a big world

The opportunities are endless

Change awaiting for me

All because of Mari


By Kennedy Moore 

Little Miss Flint

Young so young but inspired

So young but will be inspirational

Living in a City of Chaos

Living in a world of chaos

Gun violence, water crisis

So much that can be changed

The city needs change but it starts with us

Can’t play at the park why?

Can’t ride bikes why?

Can’t have bake sales without parents present why?

This is Flint

A city of chaos

A city of gun violence and a water crisis that hasn’t gotten too much better

But this is Flint

My city, our city

We will make change

cobre art –  is a street artist / graffiti artist / Muralist based in Santa Fe, Argentina with superb particle photo-realism in Melbourne briefly March 2020. Only here with enough time for one paint but due to corona virus travel restrictions, we got the spectacular ‘soothsayer’ piece painted as well!