Friends and foes


No more “friends and foes”

It’s more like me and my brother

It’s more like tears and bloodshed

From Black men killing each other.

I’m just like you, and you just like me

Trying to win this system, that wasn’t

made for us to beat

They turn us against each other

How are we supposed to succeed?

A black man shot and killed

That’s nothing new in this city


Guns, money,& drugs

Swallowed the youth all up

Sports became the only escape for us

Stuck on temporary highs

And living the fast life

I watched my brother become a 


Now i don’t know who to trust 

Being born Black

Automatic target on my back

Gotta be careful with my steps

I don’t want to end up dead

I don’t want to end up broke, or locked

Up neither.

So i gotta fight this hard fight to have

Happiness as an achievement.


BY: Timothy Ormond

cobre art –  is a street artist / graffiti artist / Muralist based in Santa Fe, Argentina with superb particle photo-realism