Attorney by day and graffiti/street artist by night. Charlie Boike has become a hose hold name in Flint’s art scene. A few years back Boike launched the “Bring It Fest,” later re-named “Aerosol and Audio,” uniting graffiti artists and muralists with live music in Flint parks like Kearsley and Memorial. The single-day event attracted as many as 700 people, with a graffiti-inspired wall as the center of attraction.

Artists from as far away as Texas and Singapore joined Boike in filling hundreds of square feet with collective, graffiti imagery. Along with graffiti art, Boike has become known for murals depicting a wide variety of pop icons from “South Park” TV series character, Eric Cartman, to boxing legend Muhammad Ali. Boike says his murals are neighborhood-specific. You can see other works of Boike all throughout Flint.

“Flint’s Most Unusual Hardware Store Since 1938”

Every hardware store offers an array of tools, hardware and cleaning supplies. But, how many of them cater to archery enthusiasts, providing a selection of traditional archery supplies? And, how many times has your hardware store repaired your windows and screens? If you haven’t experienced this kind of service and unique offering, it’s time you came in to Flint’s most unusual hardware store: Knoblock Hardware! They have everything a hardware store ought to have, and more!

At Knoblock Hardware they pride themselves on quality service. Their informed and courteous staff is committed to helping each of our customers find exactly what they want and arrange for the services they desire – with attention to quality and in a timely manner.