Smitten by Frida’s Gaze

After Eve L. Ewing


the annual Flint Farmers’  Market Fiesta,

i see her here

floating thru the isles of  booths

such an enigmatic yet eye catchingly distinct goddess

she’s wearing a turquoise Chiapas dress

the sunset flora pattern is mesmerizing

the petals are waves dancing under the moonlight as she glides

adorning her collar is a jungle of orange beads

a brown fringe leather jacket and military green combat boots

a striking combination of tradition, beauty, and masculinity

no one seems to notice the colorful figure

as if she’s just an outline of a person

or a purple tinted shadow

i think nothing of it,

this is Flint after all

her canvas perked and melted as she indulged in a tamale

dancing at the center of the floor

as if she were the sun to our solar system

my favorite Selena song was playing

Como La Flor’

usually i’d be on the dance floor braiding myself into the culture,

but all i can do is watch her

i started to feel like a stalker

just staring at her

i go to order Horchata when i feel a chill rush down my spine

it was sudden but somehow it gave a sense of warmth

i turn around to see the figure

her figure

she was gazing at me from across the venue

‘did she know i was watching her?’

she continued to stare at me, no, into me

her gaze evoked a temporary state of Nirvana

she was looking at me the way i was looking at her

we were connected through passion and identity

she started to fade into the scene like one of her paintings

her attire blended like water colors

i was left enlightened,

with a single Marigold to remember her by


(this recording takes place at the Fiesta)


By M

Attorney by day and graffiti/street artist by night. Charlie Boike has become a hose hold name in Flint’s art scene. A few years back Boike launched the “Bring It Fest,” later re-named “Aerosol and Audio,” uniting graffiti artists and muralists with live music in Flint parks like Kearsley and Memorial. The single-day event attracted as many as 700 people, with a graffiti-inspired wall as the center of attraction.

Artists from as far away as Texas and Singapore joined Boike in filling hundreds of square feet with collective, graffiti imagery. Along with graffiti art, Boike has become known for murals depicting a wide variety of pop icons from “South Park” TV series character, Eric Cartman, to boxing legend Muhammad Ali. Boike says his murals are neighborhood-specific. You can see other works of Boike all throughout Flint.

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