Charlie Boike\ Wake N Paint

Attorney by day and graffiti/street artist by night. Charlie Boike has become a hose hold name in Flint’s art scene. A few years back Boike launched the “Bring It Fest,” later re-named “Aerosol and Audio,” uniting graffiti artists and muralists with live music in Flint parks like Kearsley and Memorial. The single-day event attracted as many as 700 people, with a graffiti-inspired wall as the center of attraction.

Artists from as far away as Texas and Singapore joined Boike in filling hundreds of square feet with collective, graffiti imagery. Along with graffiti art, Boike has become known for murals depicting a wide variety of pop icons from “South Park” TV series character, Eric Cartman, to boxing legend Muhammad Ali. Boike says his murals are neighborhood-specific. You can see other works of Boike all throughout Flint.

We are a volunteer 501-C3 non-profit organization that interfaces with the police, city council reps, local businesses and churches to address suspicious activity and solve problems. Our group meets to discuss concerns and works to reduce blight and beautify our streets and parks.
Our Watch Area boundaries are:
NORTH: Sunset Drive; EAST: Court/Corunna @ Point/Pershing Street; SOUTH: I-69 Expressway, WEST: City of Flint/Flint Township boundary. Coverage is mostly 8th Ward, some 6th Ward.
Officers: President, Cheryl Christoff; Vice President and Patrol Coordinator, Will Shoemaker; Secretary, Nancy Switzer; Treasurer, Kathy Baker.
Our meetings are held at 7:00 PM every 2nd Thursday of the month at Grace Lutheran Church (Lower Level) at 2526 Corunna Road.
Our mission is to encourage residential and commercial participation in the adherence and reporting of violations of City Ordinances, Building Codes, Zoning Regulations and Infrastructure Mainentance, along with a constant effort to improve our community aesthetically.
We aim to provide a visible organization that will serve as a deterent to crime within our Watch Area by using trained volunteer patrols and giving crime prevention tips and statistics. We also act as community laison to the Flint Police Department and the current City of Flint Administration.