Burston Bus Stops

In cooperation with the City of Flint Department of Planning and Development and the Mass Transportation Authority, Flint Public Art Project is organizing a series of Planning Actions to apply tools for engaging communities in quickly improving strategic sites to support the implementation of the Imagine Flint master plan and select Sub Area plans. With Alex Gilliam of Public Workshop and Flint/ Genesee Job Corps, the Planning Action program is building multiple benches to serve as bus stop amenities around Berston Field House on North Saginaw Street from June 3 – 12, 2015. These benches will be colorful and creative additions to the streetscape and allow participants in Berston’s programs a place to sit and gather that elevates their experience as members in the community.

Commissioner Bryant Nolden of Berston Field House has agreed to adopt these benches and care for them as an extension of their program for a period of five years.

All of the bus stops will follow the ADA and accessibility guidelines provided during our preliminary meeting with MTA representatives, and we will conduct follow-up reviews of the plans as they evolve to ensure compliance.

• The choice of materials will be a durable wood that carpentry students from Flint/ Genesee Job Corps will design and build with oversight by Rejean Houle and Alex Gilliam of Public Workshop, who is supervising the design and build process.

• Participants in Berston Field House programs and Commissioner Nolden will be engaged in the process and feedback sought from them during the design and building of the benches.

• The specification of materials and construction will facilitate long-term maintenance and durability through both the choice and treatment of the wood, as well as the specification of construction in such as way that components can be replaced as needed.

• The Berston benches are proposed as prototypes for benches that could be replicated in other areas of the city, if successful. They will be durable and inexpensive, and able to be produced by the Flint/ Genesee Job Corps students as an ongoing component of their job training.