Bron Theron is an actor and director, known for PrimalRap (2008), The Heat of the Beat and Real Acting (2019).

Born and raised in San Pedro,CA and graduated with a BA in fine arts from Cal State Long Beach. I didn’t swim too far from the pond to find the love of my life and I currently reside, here, in Long Beach with my number one fan.
My art consists of realistic portraiture that embodies surrealism and feminism. Having a background in graphic design, I marry both the traditional pastel medium with a digitally modified element.

Our Mission is to unite all downtown interests consisting of governmental agencies, education, business, and charitable institutions in a broad-based coalition.

We aim to:

• Support existing businesses and encourage entrepreneurial development in the downtown Flint business district.
• Enhance the public infrastructure and improve aesthetics.
• Increase downtown residency.
• Develop downtown into an attractive area for business, employment, and entertainment.
• Improve and revitalize the downtown district.

The basic goal of the Flint Uptown Reinvestment Strategy is that many small, locally-based initiatives and decisions will, over time incur sustainable and significant improvements for downtown without the need for massive, single-project developments.

The URC commissioned the help of Sasaki Associates, Inc. to develop a reinvestment strategy for downtown Flint.  The strategy identifies the specific actions and projects that can be accomplished individually, while collectively contributing to an implementation framework for the regeneration of downtown Flint. The strategy will encourage dialogue, discussion and a committed vision for the future of the downtown Flint area. It is key to note that the community will play a vital role in determining which actions and projects will be given priority or be implemented as identified by the strategy.