Stefan Eins

Stefan Eins created Five Found Pieces in August 2012 for the Art Walk during a three-week residency. Eins was invited by the Flint Public Art Project in part because of his pioneering efforts in establishing historical models for the display of art in the public at FASHION MODA, the South Bronx museum of Science, Art, Invention, Technology, and Fantasy he founded in 1978, which the New York Times described as “World Famous.” In his own oeuvre he does not distinguish between art and science research. “Like Leonardo da Vinci, who noted the magical tendency of stains to become images before our own eyes,” dArt International wrote, “Eins is taken with the working of the mind to perceive signs and wonders in ordinary life.” In recent years he also focused on the physics of other dimensionality. His 2007 exhibition at MoMA/ PS 1 Contemporary Art Center dealt with related topics.