Micho Detronik

Micho installed morphing 3-D video projections onto the bubble of the Spacebuster in August 2012 for the Flint Art Walk and at the Mies Storefront for the Detroit Design Festival. Detronik emerged as Detroit’s first “VJ” mixing live visuals within Detroit’s electronic underground scene since 1991.  Detronik’s expression within visual deployment is intensely motivated and distinct.  Exploiting mass Media’s idealistic image of popular culture and performing precision dissection of humanities core elements.  Detronik strives to extract the viewer’s sense of reliance for technology and engage them to participate within the environment.  Detronik is notorious for the deployment of surveillance CCTV drones within a space, ultimately immersing the viewer and subject within the live mix commanding complete focus.  Detronik’s Visuals are extremely identifiable by the distinct combination of Low-Fidelity Imaging, Sound Generative Programming, and B/W Cinematic representation of Detroit.  Detronik’s Video Installations invade the environment with Retro Television Sets Augmented with innovative Geometric Projection Mapping.