Kero / Annie Hall

Kero installed 3-D animations, known as the “virtual ball drop,” for Flint’s inaugural 2013 New Year’s Eve celebration, and for the Art Walk in October 2012, he created a 3-D projection-mapping installation on the vertical columns of the Genesee Towers. A Windsor-based DJ and VJ working with the Detroit Underground label, Kero is known for his cutting edge design and advanced use of technology to create audio and visual soundscapes. He often performs with Madrid-native electronic DJ Annie Hall, also on the Detroit Underground label. With releases on Semántica Records, Minuendo, Miga, Software records, D1 Recordings, Icon of Desire, Micron Audio and Detroit Underground, Inverted Audio described Annie Hall as a “staple for experimental electronic music and icon for women in the electronic music industry.”