Of Fate and Will
By Destiny Dunn
Davison Rd

She’s vulnerable to pain
Her times slowly fading away
Her smile melts down her face

Pain filling her eyes
Till it fills up to high
She cries about her old life
How beautiful she was when she was young
She sees herself in my eyes
Giving her hope to stay alive
Realizing she’s still that girl at heart
That girl thats funny beautiful and smart
You may change on the outside but
You’ll always be the same on the inside

Since 2001, INDECLINE has used street art, film, and guerrilla performance art to expose injustices carried out by both corporations and government agencies, using a combination of satire and parody. The anonymous, activist collective is by far the most widely-publicized group currently operating in the
US. With the 2020 election looming, INDECLINE’s voice is more vital than ever. Consider contributing to the largest activist art campaign of the 21st century, and let’s make history together!


INDECLINE has represented a multi-faceted movement, finding new ways to expose truth and provoke critical thought in the maelstrom of propaganda that is modern living. Risk, guerrilla tactics and extreme logistical challenges are the main ingredients in the INDECLINE recipe. As a result, actions have often gone viral, eventually receiving international press, and, in the process, inspiring countless other activists and artists to create their own projects and stunts.


Operating as a not-for-profit collective since its inception, INDECLINE has been resourceful in effectively making noise on small budgets, as all money is raised from selling art and merchandise on their website.

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