Amy Beth Katz’s Flint Dream-Work at Stone Street


Visiting Stone Street Resident Artist Amy Beth Katz is a doctoral student in Pacifica Graduate Institute’s Depth Psychology program, specializing in Community/Liberation/Eco-psychology. As part of her Summer Fieldwork Project and in conjunction with the Global Dream Initiative, Katz is spending three weeks in Flint tending the dreams of residents and the artists who are helping to transform the city and its collective psyche.

Katz treats Flint as a powerful reflection of the wider world, and its dreams and visions as the doorway through which the seeds of the future are carried forth. Katz will explore the dream mythologies of the Ogibwe people who inhabited the banks of the Flint River. By sharing dreams and animating the presences that visit in both sleeping and waking visions, she argues, artists are able to expand their awareness, break free of creative blocks, access their full potential, and “host the muses.”

“Nowhere is it more necessary to have deep support like this than in places where the landscape and the people have been traumatized on a mass scale by disasters, such as the Flint Water Crisis,” Katz says. “What has the Flint River–and the Sacred River that runs through us–been trying to communicate?”