With over twenty consistent years of leaving his mark in the graffiti and art scene, AMUSE 126 has proven time and time again that his efforts are nothing less than extraordinary. This Chicago native is known for his ability to lure an unaware audience into the dimension of graffiti-inspired abstract illustrative and typographic art.

AMUSE 126 started his journey under the veil of night as a pre-teen writing his name without permission. During these formative years he envisioned himself turning this hobby into an entire lifestyle and career. In truest form of self-taught and self-made, his dedication and commitment quickly led him to become a pioneer in the youth-created subculture of graffiti. Today, this type of art adorns museum walls and continues to enhance the visual landscape of modern times. “Longevity is key in an art-form where nothing is permanent, nor widely accepted.” AMUSE 126 believes that art should speak to whomever is paying attention. His work has an astound ability to change a human’s perspective on what is widely considered as troublesome and disturbing graffiti. His talents shine through when it comes to turning his visions into large scale mural installations, digital design, studio work, and specialized brand partnerships using nothing but the tools, materials, and techniques utilized in the vandal world.

His works have local, national, and international notability, and he is globally recognized for major contributions in the ever growing form of “street art”. He has traveled from Canada to Asia, and everywhere in between to leave his mark in galleries, on facades of buildings, inside residential properties, down to the smallest nooks of metropolitan alleyways. In 2016, he was voted by The Chicago Reader as “Best Street Artist” and “Best Established Visual Artist”. In addition to all his independent accomplishments through the years, AMUSE 126 successfully co-founded and built a creative agency that tailors to the wants and needs of more commercial-based work and partnerships. Today, he is back on his true path as a solo-artist to have the ultimate ability and freedom to provide the world with nothing but his unique style and application of work. With the mindset to elevate both himself and his work with each project, AMUSE 126 continues to unveil what remarkable inspiration circulates deep within his human psyche.

Borneman & Peterson, Inc is part of the Blevins Group: a partnership of six family owned businesses. Since 1943, these businesses have been covering a wide range of manufacturing abilities from machining to laser marking. We can be your one stop shop. Since their inception, Borneman & Peterson Inc, along with the rest of the Blevins group, have produced machined parts for the military, medical and the aerospace industries.
Through six family owned companies working to meet your needs today, we can manufacture anything from prototypes to quantities in the hundreds of thousands. Our capabilities range from .040 to 10 inches in diameter working with all types of materials including: stainless steel, aluminum, copper/brass, exotics, and plastics. With our grinding and gun drilling capabilities, as well as our machining abilities, we are able to hold tight tolerances and provide all types of micro finishes.