George Ananich/ THA Architects

Ananich is a member of AIA-Flint, a key partner in the Flat Lot Competition, and an early supporter. THA Architect Engineers located in Flint Michigan since 1957, specializes in architectural design, mechanical and electrical engineering, planning, construction administration, interior design and post construction services. THA has provided professional services on more than 10,000 projects for over 4,500 clients.

Alan and Ali Harris/ Arlow Xan

Alan and Ali Harris are local musicians, among the earliest FPAP supporters, and performed musical interludes throughout the 2012 Congress for Urban Transformation. They form the group Arlow Xan, an ethereal folktronica duo that weaves together plaintive Appalachian melodies and bouncing 808s, slinging banjos, guitars, synths, concertinas, dulcimers and drum machines in their mission to transport listeners to their unique and beautiful world.

John Dempsey

An early advisor to FPAP, John Dempsey teaches painting at Mott Community College in Flint. Dempsey’s paintings of factory interiors investigate the complex architectures of large industrial manufacturing facilities, morphing photo-realistic perspectival representations into visual fields of color and patterned space. Dempsey has a BFA in painting and drawing from Michigan State University with an MFA from Central Washington University.

Susannah Drake/ dlandstudio

Susannah Drake participated in the Congress for Urban Transformation, producing drawings for the Peace Mob Orchard and presenting case studies of industrial reuse through landscape architecture. dlandstudio is an interdisciplinary design firm founded in 2005 by Susannah C. Drake. Prior to starting an independent practice, Susannah worked for architects and landscape architects in New York, Cape Cod, New Hampshire, Wyoming and San Francisco. Exposure to diverse ecosystems, population densities, and scales of operation enriched her vision of what makes places truly special. The firm provides an integrated approach to planning, programming and design. As leader and collaborator on large teams that include architects, artists, landscape architects, planners, and engineers, dlandstudio helps enrich team consideration of expressions of landscape meaning while maintaining focus on project goals throughout the development process. The firm is committed to creating projects with a strong conceptual basis drawn from an understanding of the place, the client, the program, and appropriate construction techniques. Our goal is to create beautifully designed, ecologically intelligent, and well executed projects that work well at the large scale and are executed in rigorous detail.

Stefan Eins

Stefan Eins created Five Found Pieces in August 2012 for the Art Walk during a three-week residency. Eins was invited by the Flint Public Art Project in part because of his pioneering efforts in establishing historical models for the display of art in the public at FASHION MODA, the South Bronx museum of Science, Art, Invention, Technology, and Fantasy he founded in 1978, which the New York Times described as “World Famous.” In his own oeuvre he does not distinguish between art and science research. “Like Leonardo da Vinci, who noted the magical tendency of stains to become images before our own eyes,” dArt International wrote, “Eins is taken with the working of the mind to perceive signs and wonders in ordinary life.” In recent years he also focused on the physics of other dimensionality. His 2007 exhibition at MoMA/ PS 1 Contemporary Art Center dealt with related topics.

Fischer Bodies

Members of the Fischer Bodies burlesque troupe formed one of the core groups during the performance inside the Genesee Towers on July 8, 2011 as a part of Lighting the Towers. The Fischer Bodies was founded in December of 2010 by Kristina Lakey. Since its founding, the troupe has been featured in the Flint Journal and on Mlive. They create unique shows at many different venues in the Flint area. With themes such as “Zombie Burlesque” and “Circus Sideshow,” the Fischer Bodies run the gambit of Vaudeville-style theatre, with skits, song and dance, and tongue-in-cheek comedy capped with a strong feminist drive.

Jeanne Gang/ Studio Gang

As the founder of Chicago-based Studio Gang, Jeanne Gang and her team of creatives and architects conduct urban, architectural experiments of varying scales; from cities to environments to individual buildings’ unique material properties. Studio Gang has received national and international recognition and has been published and exhibited widely, most notably at the International Venice Biennale, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the Smithsonian Institution’s National Building Museum, and the Art Institute of Chicago. Studio Gang is based in Chicago, IL.

Deborah Gans

Amplifier Inc. board member Deborah Gans produces work encompassing multiple disciplines like industrial and graphic design, and architecture. Her studio’s continuing work on alternative forms of housing includes disaster relief housing for Kosovo, which won an international competition and a subsequent grant for development, and a transitional housing system for Common Ground Community. They often address such social dilemmas and find creative, efficient solutions through sensible and carefully crafted design. Their design work has been widely published and exhibited at IFA Paris, RIBA London, The Rosenbach Museum Philadelphia, The Van Alen Institute, The Architectural League of New York, and The Venice Biennial 2008.

Ben Gaydos/ GoodGood

Ben Gaydos participated in the 2013 Free City festival in collaboration with Joe Reinsel, and in a series of fall 2013 projection-art installations in Detroit, Grand Rapids, and Saginaw. Gaydos is a designer, filmmaker, artist and educator. He has filmed sadhus in Nepal and fisherman in India, worked as a designer in Germany and the UK, collaborated with blues musicians in Virginia and electronic artists in Detroit. His experiments in design, sound, film and video have been exhibited internationally. He has conducted research in design and anthropology academically and professionally. He is Assistant Professor of design at the University of Michigan–Flint.

John Gazall/ Gazall Lewis & Associates Architects

John Gazall collaborated with FPAP in the conception and planning of the Flat Lot Competition, and played a key role in the realization of the project. Gazall, Lewis & Associates is known to work together with clients, contractors, and sub-contractors as a team of skilled professionals that deliver successful design and architecture solutions. Their office continues to creatively design, effectively detail, and efficiently manage various urban projects.

Alex Gilliam/ Public Workshop

Alex Gilliam, director of Philadelphia-based Public Workshop, collaborated with FPAP on Re-Use A Lot, a program to design and build quick interventions on vacant lots in Flint. A cheerleader of possibility, Public Workshop creates uniquely engaging opportunities for youth and their communities to shape the design of their cities. Public Workshop redefines the way that youth participate as citizens and leaders in the design of their communities, and addresses the most pressing challenges in the world around them. In the process, it fundamentally re-imagines education by reshaping how and where learning occurs. Working with its partners and clients, it develops inspiring curricula, transformative youth design leadership programs, innovative participatory community design tools, engaging events and thoughtful strategies that help people rethink possibility. It accomplishes this by relentlessly challenging and radically rethinking assumptions about how people learn and design occurs. Its students and clients are smiling (and in some cases leaping) because Public Workshop believes that the very best learning and design occur when it’s challenging, empowering and fun.

Catherine Grau/ Process Institute

Catherine Grau recreated Tino Sehgal’s This Progress on behalf of FPAP for Free City as a gesture of radical resituating of a time-based work. The Process Institute founded itself as an artist collective as a solution to supporting public practices, working without a permanent space or consistent support systems. If temporality & mobility are the contemporary answer to sustain culture, we need to initiate an invested exploration of the possibilities of this phenomenon.

Dan Green/ Institute for Aesthetic Modulation

With his wife and performance partner Alicia Mikles, Dan Green participated in the 2013 Free City, performing Destroyed Monster, based on a Japanese Noh play in which a monster’s ghost tells a traveler of its demise. The narrative is conveyed through movement and narration, heavily influenced by Greek classical theater, Commedia del Arte, and Noh theater, with costumes and set designed from junked auto parts. Institute for Aesthetic Modulation (IFAM), directed by Dan Green, creates works that are sculpture and performance at the same time. Green manipulates keyboards and phone cords and crab shells into costumes that are easily anthropomorphized. He is a passionate maker, and a skilled and successful educator.

Freeman Greer/ GAV & Associates

Freeman Greer, founder of the Stockton Center at Spring Grove and principle of GAV & Associates, participated in the conception of the Spring Grove Nights event series, and sat on the review panel for proposals. Greer also created Chevy Plants (2013), a land-art installation composed of recycled tired in the shape of a Chevrolet logo, planted with sunflowers and tall grass for Free City, and advised the early stages of the Spencer’s Art House project. Whether developing commercial, residential, industrial, assembly, historical revitalization or educational architecture – GAV & Associates’ passion for great design elevates projects to the next level. They work on projects diverse in both scale and complexity, while keeping in mind specific client needs, style and budget.

Ryan Gregory

Ryan Gregory designed combine-like signage for Flint Public Art Project made of an assemblage of found materials and designed a fold-up projection screen and stage for Spencer’s Art House. Gregory is an artist and musician based in Flint, a maker who plays with electronics and materials to create functional objects and electronic compositions.

Andrew Herscher

Andrew Herscher participated in “Value + Ruin,” a public dialogue about the loss and recovery of value in cities. Herscher is the author of the Unreal Estate Guide to Detroit. His work explores the architectural and urban manifestations of political violence, cultural memory, collective identity, and human rights. His work is mainly in Central and Eastern Europe. He has been particularly involved in the Balkans, where he has worked for the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia as an investigator and expert witness on the war-time destruction of cultural heritage. At the University of Michigan, Andrew Herscher is jointly appointed to the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, and the Department of Art History.

The Hinterlands

The Hinterlands performed  After the Closer at the Free City festival, as well as excerpts from The Circuit for the Flint Art Walk in March 2013. The Hinterlands is a Detroit-based company that creates genre-defying multidisciplinary performance works that radically re-imagine the relationship between spectator and performer.  The company explores the art of performance through explosive and ecstatic training, and engages its local and global neighbors through direct collaboration and exchange.

G.H. Hovagimyan

G.H. Hovagimyan brought his 3-D Karaoke project to Flint in 2012 for a special FPAP Art Walk event. Hovagimyan  is an experimental artist working in a variety of forms. A graduate of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a master’s degree from NYU, he was one of the first artists in New York to start working with the Internet in the early nineties. His work ranges from new media and hypertext works to digital performance art, video art, photography and multi-media installations. His works have been exhibited at MoMA, Mass MoCA, The Whitney Museum, The New Museum, The Walker Art Center, Jeu De Paume, MAC Marseille, MAC Lyon, Pompidou Center, Lincoln Center, ICA The Clocktower, The Kitchen, The Alternative Museum, Eyebeam Art & Technology, List Visual Arts Center, La Gaite Du Lyrique, Stuttgart Kunstverein, Steim Institute, the Moscow Center for Contemporary Art, Postmasters Gallery, Pace Digital Gallery.

Nahyun Hwang + David Eugin Moon/ NHDM

NHDM designed temporary pavilions for the 2013 Free City festival. Mock-ups of them were made, eventually displayed at the University of Michigan Museum of Art. Nahyun Hwang is a founding partner of N H D M / Nahyun Hwang + David Eugin Moon, a collaborative practice for design and research in architecture and urbanism. Until founding N H D M, Hwang practiced as a senior associate at Field Operations, and the Lead Project Designer / Design Project Manager for The High Line, New York, heading the design effort of a multidisciplinary team of architects, landscape architects, and others. Hwang’s current research focuses on topics in alternative renewal paradigms for post-industrial and post/re-developmental urban conditions, and N H D M’s latest projects include “(No) Stop Marconi” that re-imagines new public realm in the city, currently featured in 5th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam.

Chris Jordan

Chris Jordan explores the medium of light, movement, and time through the use of technology. His installations have appeared at the Moma, The New Museum, The Whitney, The Museum of Natural History, The Chelsea Museum, Times Square, numerous galleries and clubs; and the incidental spaces in-between. The common elements that define Jordan’s work include explorations into memory, photography, film, interactivity, and projections. By examining the political and social implications technology has on us through a diversity of media, his work challenges the viewer to redefine perceptions of audience and performer.

Farrah Karapetian

Farrah Karapetian installed Good Sign (2013) on a disused liquor store billboard in the Grand Traverse district for the Free City festival. Karapetian is an artist who works with cameraless photography and sculpture. She lives and works in Los Angeles, where she exhibits with the Roberts & Tilton and LeadApron galleries, and is the winner of a Creative Capital/ Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant. Karapetian believes that art makes meaning in conversation: between artworks, between people who have devoted their lives to art, and between people who have not. At this time, she takes very seriously the power of writing, curating, teaching, material experiment, and research to create the connections between things and people that reveal their significance. These activities and others – including travel, commercial collaborations, mundane tasks, and meeting you – are all a part of what inspires her work.

Kero / Annie Hall

Kero installed 3-D animations, known as the “virtual ball drop,” for Flint’s inaugural 2013 New Year’s Eve celebration, and for the Art Walk in October 2012, he created a 3-D projection-mapping installation on the vertical columns of the Genesee Towers. A Windsor-based DJ and VJ working with the Detroit Underground label, Kero is known for his cutting edge design and advanced use of technology to create audio and visual soundscapes. He often performs with Madrid-native electronic DJ Annie Hall, also on the Detroit Underground label. With releases on Semántica Records, Minuendo, Miga, Software records, D1 Recordings, Icon of Desire, Micron Audio and Detroit Underground, Inverted Audio described Annie Hall as a “staple for experimental electronic music and icon for women in the electronic music industry.”

Peter Kyle Dance

Peter Kyle taught a 2013 Slow Tempo Workshop for FPAP in cooperation with the Flint Youth Theatre. Peter Kyle Dance is a New York City based contemporary dance company founded in 2006 to further the art of dance and all the arts through collaboration. Creating innovative performances, education and outreach programs the company celebrates a fundamental belief in the power of the imagination and the beauty of humans in motion.

RA Littlewolf

With Whisper Willow, RA Littlewolf shot photos of the Free City festival for Flint Public Art Project, and teaches photography at Mott Community College.

Christina Long

Christina Long produced a video installation with Public Opinion for the 2013 Free City and collaborated with Silvia Vasilescu on a projection for Revolve Detroit and ArtPrize produced by FPAP. Long is an MFA graduate of Printmedia from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. As an artist, designer and business professional, Long has worked with urban communities in Detroit & Chicago to promote public art, decrease city blight, and educate students as young as 6 years old. Long is the Assistant Director of Web Communication for Columbia University’s Business Executive Education Program in New York City.

Micho Detronik

Micho installed morphing 3-D video projections onto the bubble of the Spacebuster in August 2012 for the Flint Art Walk and at the Mies Storefront for the Detroit Design Festival. Detronik emerged as Detroit’s first “VJ” mixing live visuals within Detroit’s electronic underground scene since 1991.  Detronik’s expression within visual deployment is intensely motivated and distinct.  Exploiting mass Media’s idealistic image of popular culture and performing precision dissection of humanities core elements.  Detronik strives to extract the viewer’s sense of reliance for technology and engage them to participate within the environment.  Detronik is notorious for the deployment of surveillance CCTV drones within a space, ultimately immersing the viewer and subject within the live mix commanding complete focus.  Detronik’s Visuals are extremely identifiable by the distinct combination of Low-Fidelity Imaging, Sound Generative Programming, and B/W Cinematic representation of Detroit.  Detronik’s Video Installations invade the environment with Retro Television Sets Augmented with innovative Geometric Projection Mapping.

Rebekah Mikkelson

Frequent collaborator Rebekah Mikkelson has produced work for numerous FPAP projects, including performances for Free City and collaborations with NSUMI Collective, and was a leading artist for the 2013 Neighborhood Art Parades. Mikkelson is an art teacher in Genesee County.

Dylan Miner

Dylan Miner created the work Tikibiing Booskikamigaag (Ojibwe for “Spring Grove”) for Spring Grove Nights in September 2013. Miner is Associate Professor at Michigan State University, where he coordinates a new Indigenous Contemporary Art Initiative. He holds a PhD from the University of New Mexico and has published more than fifty journal articles, book chapters, critical essays and encyclopedia entries. In 2010, he was awarded an Artist Leadership Fellowship from the National Museum of the American Indian (Smithsonian Institution). Since 2010, he has been featured in thirteen solo exhibitions and been artist-in-residence at institutions such as the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, École supérieure des beaux-arts in Nantes and Santa Fe Art Institute. His work has been the subject of articles in publications including ARTnews, Indian Country Today, First American Art Magazine, The Globe and Mail, The Guardian and Chicago Sun-Times. Miner is descended from the Miner-Brissette-L’Hirondelle-Kennedy families with ancestral ties to Indigenous communities in the Great Lakes, Prairies and subarctic regions.

Matthias Neumann/ normaldesign

With Natalia Roumelioti, Matthias Neumann created a work at Chevy-in-the-Hole for Free City, based on photographer Jet Lowe’s 1968 photo “Delphi Flint West, 300 Chevrolet Avenue,” allowing participants to visualize the boundaries of the demolished factory today. Neumann’s studio normaldesign is an interdisciplinary praxis working in the interstice between architecture and its related fields. They focus on the correlation of designed space with its aesthetic, social and idiomatic implications. normaldesign is based in New York City with a wide range of projects in the US and overseas.

Catie Newell/ Alibi Studio

Catie Newell has brought groups of students to install light-based work in the Spencer Art House and for the 2013 Free City Public Art Festival. Newell is the founding principal of Alibi Studio, Detroit and Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of Michigan. Her work and research captures spaces and material effects, focusing on the development of atmospheres through the exploration of textures, volumes, and the effects of light or lack thereof. The work often reconfigures existing domestic spaces. Newell’s creative practice has been widely recognized for exploring design construction and materiality in relationship to location and geography, and cultural contingencies.

Nsumi Collective

Nsumi organized its Banner Action during the 2013 Free City festival. The group is a collective that spawns art collectives and experimental groups through a gift economy consulting project, workshops, art exhibitions and performances, zines, academic research, and public interventions.

Andrew Perkins

Andrew Perkins, FPAP resident architect from 2011-13, is an M. Arch graduate from the University at Buffalo whose work focuses on material consumption and ecology within architecture. His Dwelling on Waste project with Matthieu Bain took a tax-foreclosed property with a leaking roof, stripped mechanical systems, and rotted structure, and transformed it into a warm off-the-grid home using entirely found and scavenged materials. His work with Flint Public Art Project focused on adapting the long-abandoned Spencer’s Mortuary in Carriage Town for a cooperative art space, testing similar methods of material sourcing and improvisation as a way of challenging building conventions and processes of authorization.

Pharlon Randle/ Bangtown Productions

BANGTOWN Productions and Recordings is a complete studio with the capabilities to make any type of music clients may need. There has been over 50 CDs released worldwide with the stamp of BANGTOWN Productions on it. Pharlon Randle is the President and Opereator or BANGTOWN. Pharlon has over 20 years or Studio and Songwriting experience. He has the ability to make any style of music under the sun.

Joe Reinsel

Joe Reinsel has worked with FPAP on several projection-art installations, as well as participating in the 2013 Free City festival. He is an artist and educator based in Flint who works in the areas of time-based arts and interactive media. Starting as a composer, his work evolved to incorporate video, animation, and interactive formats. His artistic works have been performed at national and international events including: SIGGRAPH 2006, Zero One San Jose, Art Interactive, Contemporary Museum (Baltimore), University of Glasgow, Pixelache, Roulette, Deep Listening Space, Galapagos Arts Space, Tonic/subtonic, Engine27, and Mobius.

James Rojas/ Place It!

James Rojas led numerous workshops during the Congress for Urban Transformation, as well as during the Free City festival, gathering information from participants about their needs and visions of the ideal city. Founder of Place It!, Rojas holds an MA in City Planning and an MS in Architecture Studies from MIT. He works as a city and transportation planner, and is the founder of the Latino Urban Forum, a non-profit dedicated to increasing awareness of planning and design issues facing low-income Latinos. He has written and lectured extensively about how culture and immigration are transforming the American front yard and landscape, and, through Place It!, has organized an impressive number of on-site model installations and interactive workshops.

Ariel Sammone and Jay Rowland

The collaborative team of artist Ariel Sammone and photographer Jay Rowland have been frequent collaborators on FPAP projects, including murals on Martin Luther King facing Salem Community Development Corporation for the September 2013 Neighborhood Art Parade.

Sedgewick & Ferweda Architects

Sedgewick & Ferweda Architects has been architect-of-record on key FPAP projects such as Mark’s House, designed by Two Islands, winner of the 2013 Flat Lot Competition, and the Spencer’s Art House rehabilitation project, with Kurt Neiwender, AIA, playing a leading role in collaborating with Andrew Perkins. A boutique architecture firm founded in 1958, Sedgewick & Ferweda Architects believes that excellent design is the outcome of a collaborative relationship between architect and client.

Raphaele Shirley

Raphaele Shirley has installed work in Flint for FPAP’s 2011 “Lighting the Towers” event, as well as during the 2013 Free City festival, where her Spinning Circle/Shooting Cloud was a major hit. Shirley is a multi-media artist whose work spans installation art, light sculpture, video, art collectives and social intervention. Her work deals with questions of space, time and primordial life forces and the ephemeral.


Škart, based in Belgrade, Serbia, came to Flint in the fall of 2012 during a visit to the U.S. to present at the Creative Time conference. During FPAP’s Congress for Urban Transformation conference, they painted plaintive poems on houses in Carriage Town. Škart is a collective founded in 1990 at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. While experimenting through their work, they focus primarily between the medium of poetry and design. “Architecture of the human relationships” is their main concept. Through the constant flux within the collective, present since its very beginning, members collaboratively work to develop new values. They are particularly capable through the process of making, to embrace ‘beautiful’ mistakes and tirelessly strive to combine work with pleasure.


Solid Objectives – Idenburg Liu (SO – IL) is an idea driven design office founded by Florian Idenburg and Jing Liu in 2008. With a global reach, it brings together extensive experience from the fields of architecture, academia and the arts. A creative catalyst involved in all scales and stages of the architectural process, SO – IL approaches projects with an intellectual and artistic rigor fueled by a strong commitment to realizing their ideas in the world.

Angela Stamps/ Berston Bike Club

Angela Stamps partnered on the Re-Use a Lot project, engaging participants in a scouting trip to choose a vacant lot for a design intervention led by Public Workshop. Stamps founded the Berston Bicycle Club to teach young kids about healthy and active lifestyles.

Candice Stewart // Cinthia Montague

Cinthia Montague Kuzma is a graduate of the fine arts program at Mott Community College, a native of Flint. Candice Stewart is an art and social science student at Mott Community College, and a native of Clio, Michigan. They have collaborated on numerous projects, including Flower Tour, a roving performance employing colorful handmade paper flower hats, which they wear, sell, and give away to passersby; Bloom, a traveling pop-up shop selling their art and design work; and Silent Dance Party, a temporary dance space installation using painted branches and colored lights for the 2013 Free City festival at Chevy-in-the-Hole. Their work has been exhibited in Stamford, CT at Franklin Street Works for Strange Invitation, with support from the Warhol Foundation, and in New York City at the Metropolitan Exchange, in downtown Brooklyn, for Flint Public Art Project’s Free Cities event.

Jesse Sugarmann

Jesse Sugarmann produced We Build Excitement (2013) using Pontiac Fieros in the Chevy site during the Free City festival. Sugarmann is an interdisciplinary artist working in video, performance, sculpture, and fibers. His work engages the automotive industry as a manufacture of human identity, accessing automotive history as an index of cultural identity and social history. Jesse has exhibited work both nationally and internationally in venues such as the Getty Institute, el Museo Tamayo, the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, the Banff Center, Filmbase Dublin, Human Resources LA, Drift Station Nebraska, and the 2010 Portland Biennial. His work has been written about in publications including ArtForum, Art Papers, ART LTD, Art Cards, Art Fag City, Art Car Nation, ArtSlant, and the New York Times. He is represented by Portland’s Fourteen30 Contemporary and is the recipient of a 2012 Creative Capital film/video grant. Jesse lives and works in Bakersfield, California.

Natasha Thomas-Jackson/ RAISE IT UP! Youth Arts & Awareness

Natasha Thomas-Jackson participated in the “What is Downtown?” dialogue during the September 2012 Art Walk, and in Place It workshops led by urban designer James Rojas. “You can be an artist in many different ways, but your art can also provide creative solutions for the neighborhood. The kids arrive wanting to do poetry, or dance, or music. But they soon realize that they can use their art not just for their own personal growth, but also apply it to their community. Art is activism.”

Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss/ NAO

NAO designed white foam Z-Block seats that FPAP has used for many of its events, as well as a string canopy on the edge of Chevy-in-the-Hole and temporary pavilions for the entrances and beer tent for the Free City festival. NAO is an analyst for architecture, curating and urbanism. Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss is the chief designer at NAO and an Assistant Professor at Temple University, Tyler School of Art & Architecture. He studied at Harvard University Rem Koolhaas, Jacques Herzog and Richard Gluckman with design experiences from Herzog & de Meuron Architects in Basel, Gluckman Mayner Architects in New York and from collaborations with artists Jenny Holzer, Robert Wilson and Marjetica Potrc.

Jeremy Winchester/ Flint Youth Theatre

For the past several years, Jeremy has maintained an active career as a freelance theatre artist, working in New York City, Seattle and Los Angeles, among many other places. Jeremy joined the Flint Youth Theatre in 1997 and worked as a resident artist, technical director and production manager until 2001. He is originally from Oklahoma and holds a BFA in Theatre from the University of Oklahoma and an MFA in Design from the University of Washington. He lives with his wife, Janet Haley, assistant professor of theatre at the University of Michigan-Flint.