2017 Artists

A2D Dance Company (Detroit)

Sandra Branch (Flint), Gallery on the Go presents Graffiti Evolution

Rodney Campbell (Flint), Mechanized Utility Vehicle (MUV)

Jim Cohen (Flint), Plant Communication, Personified

Pauly Everett (Flint), Flint Underground Kid

Project EBulldog (Flint), Electric Bulldog

Roland Graff, Michael Flynn, Nick Tobier (Ann Arbor), Flint Runway

FIG Projects (Montreal), Flint World

Adam Frelin (Troy, NY), Breathing Lights

Pierre-Jean Giloux (Paris), Invisible Cities # Part 1 # Metabolism

Ryan Gregory (Flint)

Spencer Lippert (Detroit), It Begins with a Bench

Amelie Marzec (New York), Weather Center for the Apocalypse

Virginia Melnyk (Buffalo), Inflatable Creatures

Zeb Molina (Flint), Graffiti Evolution

Melisa Morgan (Detroit/ Flint), Libertea

Matthias Neumann (Brooklyn), Pavilion (basics)

Peter Pawlicki (Sterling Heights), Terra Firma

Paolo Pedini (Detroit)

Ana Morcillo Pallares + Jonathan Rule (Ann Arbor), Deploy

Tomie Seo (Japan), The Chamber of Bottled Mankinds

Raphaele Shirley (Brooklyn), Pink Smoke

Rebecca Smith (Ann Arbor), Color Tactics

Dennis Summers (Torrean, NM), The Crying Post

Michael Styczynski (Detroit), Sensing Bicycle Project

Jan Tichy (Chicago) and MSU Broad, Beyond Streaming: A Sound Mural for Flint

Tzarinas of the Plane (Detroit), Procession Home

Brightmoor Makers (Detroit), Water Cycle & Company

Stanzi Vaubel (Buffalo), The Indeterminacy Festival

2016 Artists


Sandra Branch Flint muralist Sandra Branch, founder of Gallery on the Go, working with young people to train them in mural arts, installs a project for this year’s festival.


Rodney Campbell  A graduate of Detroit’s College for Creative Studies, Flint’s Rod Campbell creates a three-wheeled electric vehicle for Free City from specially fabricated and collected parts.

Oreen Cohen_Desiring Production (Photo courtesy of Flint Public Art Project)

Oreen Cohen  Pittsburgh-based sculptor Oreen Cohen, founder of the Building Bridges project and former program director at the Neu Kirche Contemporary Art Center, returns to Free City to create a powerful installation from recycled materials.


Hubert Dobler  New York-based Austrian native artist Hubert Dobler performs a motorcycle-and-shipping palette dance at the 2016 Free City festival.

Desiree Duell Artist and water-rights activist Desiree Duell creates an installation of her A Body of Water sculpture at this year’s event. Participants will be able to deposit a message to Governor Snyder through the Bank. Each message will be deposited into an empty water bottle and will be delivered to Governor Snyder after the completion of the project.


Peter Fend  New York-based conceptual artist Peter Fend creates an asphalt rendition of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River on the Free City site and distributes information about threats to the water system and advocacy of an eco-tax to protect North America’s largest source of fresh water.


Jason Ferguson Ypsilanti-based artist Jason Ferguson installs his Domestic Carnival: Flint on site, including a mobile Dining Room, illuminated steel sign, and a 3D printed skull as a centerpiece.

Cover FIG Projects Flint

FIG Projects Montreal-based architects FIG Projects return to Free City with a participatory installation following last year’s Dial-A-City, orchestrating conversations between visitors and people around the world by cell phone.


Ben Gaydos  Detroit-based public art and design professor at University of Michigan Flint, FPAP board member, and 2013 Free City participant Ben Gaydos returns to the Chevy Commons.

2013 Chevy Symbol_Freeman Greer, Free City_

Freeman Greer  Chevy Plants  by architect Freeman Greer, principle of Freeman’s Architecture, remains on site from the 2013 Free City.


Fazed Grunion An international collective of graphic designers collaborates on a site-specific installation of flags forming a wave-like pattern on the landscape.


Peter Halquist Ann Arbor-based architect and professor of architecture at University of Michigan Peter Halquist brings a dynamic programmed LED-light filled diaphonous construction to the 2016 festival.

2015 Gregory Hatch, Are You a Pink-Collar Worker, Free City

Gregory Hatch  Columbus-based artist Gregory Hatch, a 2014 FPAP Stone Street resident, creates a new textile project for Free City.


Marisa Moran Jahn, New York-based artist, transmedia producer, educator, and founder of Studio REV installs a version of her Bruce Lee Dispatches, the SuperComputer and Planet Bruce Lee for Free City 2016.


Christina Long  New York-based artist Christina Long, a graduate of the School of the Art Institute Chicago, native of southeast Michigan, and publisher of BLKGRLSWURLD, gives away free linocut prints to visitors bearing iconic images of black women.


Frank Pahl and Little Bang Theory  Detroit’s Frank Pahl and his “toy” music trio Little Bang Theory perform a live-score accompaniment to the 1928 MGM film Laugh, Clown, Laugh, featuring star of early cinema Lon Chaney, using children’s toys like brightly colored hand bells, crank-operated music boxes, toy pianos, and xylophones. Little Bang Theory is the brainchild of Detroit composer/sonic artist, Frank Pahl, performing with members Terri Sarris and Doug Shimmin. Little Bang Theory have performed at the Detroit Film Theater, Toledo Museum of Art, Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh, Theatre Gigante Studios in Milwaukee, The Carnegie Theatre in Covington, KY, and Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, among other places.


Peter Pawlicki Sterling Heights-based sculptor Peter Pawlicki installs a playful interactive construction of aluminum ductwork on the Free City festival site.


Paolo Pedini Detroit-based muralist Paolo Pedini paints an evocative image onto the Chevy Commons for Free City 2016.


Anya Sirota + AKOAKI & Detroit Afrikan Music Institution, Ann Arbor and Detroit, mobile installation


2015 Artists


Emily Puthoff (Kingston, NY; Wayfinding Series, traveling film series)

John O’Malley (Chicago; Out-Line, environmental rope installation)

Eric Barry Drasin (New Jersey; audio-visual performance)

Paige Barnett (Detroit; Inside Out Project, large-scale photo installation)

Peter Pawlicki (Sterling Heights; meditative labyrinth)

FIG Projects (Montreal; Dial-a-City telecommunications performance)

Melisa Morgan (Detroit; #PointBeing, social media performance)

Kriss Gaynes (Detroit; video and live performance)

Gregory Hatch (Columbus, OH; Are You a Pink Collar Worker? textile performance)

Musical Performances (curated by Jay Rowland)

DJ Vintage Future (Flint)

MOG (Flint)

Apollo’s Din (Flint)

Handwringer (Flint)

Saturday Night Gypsies (Flint)

2014 Artists

Ash ArderThe Way We Use

Jake Breczinski

Rod CampbellCarousel

Oreen CohenDesiring Production

Creative AllianceArt Cube

Detroit Party Marching BandPerformance

Eric Barry DrasinThe Secret Soup

Patrick Ethen, Ellen Rutt, Simon Anton, Alan Sedghi, Eiji Jimbo, Rachel MulderThe Good-Time Light Hearted Lean Peaks

Catherine GrauBarefoot Path

Ryan GregoryFound Object Sound Object

John Guinn, Moon Baby

Peter HalquistNew Primitivisms

Eric Hinds / Flint Odyssey HouseThe Dreaming Tree

Kero + Annie HallStatics Live

Victoria KoszegiFace Painting Booth

Paris Legakiscon/traction

Brittany Lueaunit: configure. collapse. REconfigure. REuse.

Melisa MaysEndless Drummers

Virginia MelnykReThink the Ordinary

Jennifer Montague + Christopher ReynoldsPigmented Chaos

Melisa Morgan and Nathan DellArt Gallery Drive Thru

Frank Pahl and Tim HolmesClock Chime Performances

Public Opinion Projects, On Referendum

Jay Rowland

Nick SafleyMutt

Monica SheetsLast Train Out

Cameron WinnLight House

Mike WrightFlint Steamworks Booth

Eleni Zararopoulos + Liza BielbyMix Tape Means I Love You


2013 Artists

Jacob Abramson and Suzette Guy (Digital Graffiti) work internationally creating multi-media art presentations to communicate new perspectives in cultural events and brand presentations. http://www.dg-nyc.com

Jim Arendt (Righting Itself) is an artist whose work explores the shifting paradigms of labor and place through narrative figure painting, drawing, prints, fabric and sculpture. Born in Mid-Michigan and influenced by the radical reshaping of the rural and industrial landscapes he grew up in, he investigates how individual lives are affected by transitions in economic structures. http://jimarendt.com/JimArendt.com/Home.html

Olivia Alynn Armendariz is an young experimental artist from Southern California and currently resides in Flint, Michigan.

Jon Brumit (Endless Drummers) is curator of public engagement at Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit and has composed, conducted, experimented, and played music under the following names: Cat Head Biscuits, Boondoggle, Polar Easter Island, Choc Electrique, Catch and Release, Gown, The New Bobby Sextet, The Unduane, Jon the Band, Van Boven, Organoff, Sliv & Dulet, Jon Brumit, mattttam-jonnoj, Too Bobs, nprkstra, and Everlasting the Way. He often uses drums, a typewriter piano, cordless tool battery chargers, found records, tone generators, and miscellaneous electronic flatulence to improvise and compose. http://www.jonbrumit.com

Yvette Cummings (Righting Itself) studied at Kendall College of Art and Design and earned her MFA at the University of Cincinnati in 2003. The recipient of multiple awards and involved in numerous group and solo exhibitions, Cummings currently resides in South Carolina concentrating on her painting series exploring memory through layered patterning of appropriated images.

Carrie Dashow (Rand-a-Thon) is a NYC-based artist working at the intersection of performance, video, visual arts and social practice. Her often-participatory work, which includes community, historical and municipal-based projects, examines the undercurrents of authority, subjectivity and an indebted relationship to location. This is her first Rand-A-Thon; her father, a dedicated Rand disciple, hails from Detroit. http://carriedashow.wordpress.com/

Der Vorführeffekt Theatre (7-Person Chair Pyramid High Wire Act), founded by Donna Oblongata of the highly acclaimed Missoula Oblongata, creates original theatrical work and highly inventive adaptations of other things. Driven by a DIY ethic and a dedication to the essential liveness of theatre, or work is highly portable, inventive, and completely homemade.

Pauly Everett is a local artist and a member of Flint Underground specializing in freestyle graffiti writing on canvases and murals.

The Fischer Bodies (The Voiceless Opera) are a Flint-based burlesque troupe, a collective of free-thinkers who strive to understand the challenges our city faces and to imagine and create a future full of possibility and empowerment. https://www.facebook.com/thefischerbodies

The Flint Dance Collaborative (Photosynthesis) is an ensemble of performers working together to promote dance in the city of Flint, MI. Through site-specific dance, workshops, and community involvement, FDC aims to include all mediums of art while establishing a foundation for performance as public practice. https://www.facebook.com/flintdancecollaborative

Flint River Watershed Coalition (Creek Critters) is a membership organization that promotes citizen stewardship of our natural resources by providing our members with the sources, knowledge, and capacity necessary to protect local water quality and watershed habitat. http://flintriver.org/blog

Michael Flynn (Cloudbean) sculpts experiences for users to intuitively discover enigmatic spectacles of science.  These interactive installations foster an extended sense of community in public spaces, as users engage each other in cooperative play. http://www.funexhibits.com/

The GLOW Workshop (Groundscape) teams consist of University of Michigan, Ann Arbor students Missy Ablin, Amy Anderson, Steve Anliot, Ali Askarinejad, Mary Ayling, Robin Chhabra, Matt Dolan, Lindsay Evans, Reid Fellenbaum, Claire Kang, Xiang Liu, Adrian Lopez, Cameron Van Dyke, Yao Wang, Sam Xu, Ning Zhou, and instructors Catie Newell and Alex Watanabe.

GeoSpace (Firefly) GeoSpace Studio is interested in imagining the future of combined vehicles and shelters. Our hope is to create “Design Fiction” – actual objects that deal with realities that do not exist yet, but likely will in the future.

Benjamin Gaydos and Joe Reinsel (Happen:stance) are assistant professors at University of Michigan-Flint. Gaydos, co-founder of interdisciplinary design firm goodgood, is a designer, filmmaker, and artist whose experiments in typography, design, sound, film and video have been exhibited nationally and internationally. Reinsel is a designer/artist and writer working in time-based arts and interactive design. His work uses sound, video, location and architecture by creating simple ways of connecting with the public to foster new linkages with the community. http://goodgoodland.com/whoweare.htmlhttp://www.joereinsel.org/

Roland Graf (24 Things About Me) is an Austrian artist and designer who has a tremendous passion for simplicity and playful creation. Graf is an artist and co-founder of the collective Assocreation, which seeks to engage the public in its relationship to the earth, the body, and society. Assocreation’s work includes a series of actions and interactive installations. He teaches at the School of Art & Design at University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. http://www.assocreation.com/

Catherine Grau (This Progress, Stolen from the Guggenheim) works in the field of social/public art practice. Her work actively engages the public in interdisciplinary collaborations that playfully and critically instigate the potential for deeper social interaction and manifestations of reclaiming the commons. The research that weaves through all her projects involves alternative pedagogy, poetic acts of dissidence, and exploring movement and performative shared experiences as modes of embodying other possible realities. In 2010 she cofounded the Berlin-based artist collective Process Institute. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Process-Institute/183739975004638

Freeman Greer (Chevy Plants) is an architect who enjoys working in Flint and promoting the unique history of the City. http://www.gavassociates.com/

Hard Core Detroit is a Detroit break dance crew specializing in a Detroit style of footwork known as the Jit, founded by Haleem Rasul in 2001 to provide urban dance entertainment locally and abroad. http://www.hardcoredetroit.biz/

Rachel Higgins is an interdisciplinary artist currently working in Brooklyn whose site-specific projects and sculptures seize failure as an opportunity to re-imagine queered public space.  She exhibits internationally in parks, beauty salons, shopping malls, basements, schools, convents, galleries, parking lots, and public toilets. http://www.rachelhiggins.com/shows.htm

The Hinterlands (After the Closer) is a Detroit-based company dedicated to exploring the art of performance through ecstatic play and explosive training. The group creates genre-defying multidisciplinary performance works that radically re-imagine the relationship between spectator and performer. http://thehinterlandsensemble.org/

Ola Ignasiak and Andrzej Sieczkowski (Un-grey the City). Ignasiak is involved in painting, installation, spatial form, enamel and jewelery, and works as an assistant in the painting studio in the Strzemiński Academy of Art in Łódź. http://olaignasiak.com/

The Institute for Aesthetic Modulation or IFAM (Destroyed Monster) has produced work in installation art and visual theater since 1993 in and around New York City and the Hudson Valley in New York State. IFAM’s primary influences include Noh theater, Commedia del Arte, various martial arts, silent movie acting, and Italian science fiction cinema. In recent years IFAM has concentrated on public art projects at the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, at which it has one nine awards, and at the New York Maker Faire, at which it has pulled in two blue ribbons.

Sarah Julig grew up surrounded by tundra and mosquitoes. Currently she is completing her MFA degree at the University of California in Davis. Her work has been displayed in galleries, homes, and publications in the USA and abroad. http://www.sarahjulig.info/349050

Farrah Karapetian (Recovering History) is a Los-Angeles based photographer who works with cameraless photography, exploring the diverse roles through which the photograph communicates to its consumers – as document, as artifact, as picture. Each piece, though some may begin from an image sourced from the news, takes off into an imagined and bodily space of her own and of the people who join her in the making of the photograms. http://www.farrahkarapetian.com

Sarah Keeling (Car Karaoke) is an emerging artist, working and studying in Pittsburgh, PA at Carnegie Mellon University. http://www.sarahkeeling.com/

Jae K. Kim (Cloud) is an architect and a designer based in Boston. His interests go beyond architectural form and structure to the connection between the built environment and human activities. http://co-de.com/

Joshua Kogan (Autonomy) is the founder of localflux.net, as well as an environmental artist, activist, and environmental engineer, currently living in Brooklyn, NY.

Madagascar Institute (Junk Rides), based in Gowanus, Brooklyn, and Detroit, Michigan, is an art combine that specializes in large-scale sculptures and rides, live performances, and guerilla art events. http://www.madagascarinstitute.com/

Holliday Martindale is a native Detroit multimedia artist whose latest work explores the relationship between her own internal dialog and the internal dialog of various social systems or communities. Holliday has shown nationally in New York, Maryland, Ohio, Colorado and in 2011 she collaborated on a site-specific installation sent to Zimbabwe. She continues to live and make public outreach/restorative related work in the city of Detroit, including projects for Belle Isle, Scripps Park and the Alley Project. http://www.hollidaymartindale.com/Main.html

Jason Mitcham (Rising Into Ruin)creates stop-motion animations by documenting slight alterations on paintings.  His videos explore the development of our society’s landscapes, specifically notions of temporality, suburbia, and modern ruins. http://jasonmitcham.com/

Jbird design (Bazar) consists of Jay Rowland and Ariel Sammone. Through design, photography, and fine arts, they seek to enrich the community by raising awareness to underused areas of the city and planning/hosting various events that involve local and visiting artists.

Cinthia Montague and Candice Stewart (Silent Dance Party) are local artists who have exhibited in Brooklyn, NY, Stamford, CT, and various cities in Michigan. Candice Stewart is an elemental sculptor and Cinthia Montague is a sculptural designer. https://www.facebook.com/theflowertour

NAO is a New York-based collaborative office for architecture, curating, and urbanism. NAO’s principal and chief designer is Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss. NAO’s projects for Free City are produced in collaboration with designers Shelby Doyle and Jason Harrell. thenao.net

Laura Napier (Happy Valley) is a California-born, Bronx-based artist exploring behavior, sociology, and place through documentation, installation, and participatory performance. lauranapier.com. http://lauranapier.com

Matthias Neumann and Natalia Roumelioti (Delphi Flint West, 300 Chevrolet Avenue, Flint, Lowe Jet, 1968). Neumann is the principal of normaldesign, a NY-based interdisciplinary practice working in the interstice between architecture and its related fields with a wide range of projects in the US and overseas. Roumelioti is an architect and designer living and practicing in NYC. She received a M.Sc in Advanced Architectural Design from GSAPP, Columbia University & a M.Phil in Design-Space-Culture from NTUA, Athens, Greece. http://www.normaldesign.com/

NSUMI Collective (Banner Action) spawns art collectives and experimental groups through a gift economy consulting project, workshops, art exhibitions and performances, zines, academic research, and public interventions. http://nsumi.net/

Tunde Olaniran’s music has been described as “Strains of modern Motown meet Euro-electronica with a heart of Nigerian funk, pure pop melodies and fluid 4-octave range vocals delivered with a glam-rock sensibility.” He has toured the world, making believers out of Detroit metal-heads and Croatian ravers alike with a sound that defies convention. tundeolaniran.com

Matthew Osmon (Scarecrows) is a visual artist from Flint, MI and the art teacher at Mott Middle College High School. Mott Middle College High School serves the entire Genesee County and is a five year Middle/Early College program.

Frank Pahl and Tim Holmes (The Rube Goldberg Variations). After embracing new wave and synthesizers in the 80’s, Frank Pahl banked on low brass and Rube Goldberg engineering being the next big thing. Still waiting. In his late teens and early 20’s Tim Holmes performed with many of the Motown greats. Faced with mass popularity he opted for obscurity and embraced improvisation with groups like Maelstrom and Major Dents. Never heard of them? Exactly. http://www.frankpahl.com/

Joel Parker (Chevy Tours) is a Senior Engineer at Environmental Consulting & Technology, and the lead engineer in the remediation of Chevy-in-the-Hole.

Les Petites Depressionaires play the happy polkas, waltzes, musettes, and popular songs of the Great Depression. A miniaturized version of the New York-based band The Depressionaires, Les Petites Depressionaires feature immigration and arts attorney, and theater impresario Alfonso Ramos on trombone and FPAP director Stephen Zacks on guitar and vocals. http://depressionaires.wordpress.com

Public Opinion (Prop 13) is a curatorial collective that negotiates public and private issues of distance and intimacy. Prop 13 is a project by Christina Long and Silvia Vasilescu, with the collaboration of artists Blake Daniels, Alexandria Eregbu and Robin Kang. Members of the collective are graduates of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Pharlon Randle of Bangtown Productions & Recordings runs Studio on the Go, a new and innovative music engineering concept dedicated to cultivating, promoting, and enhancing the musical experience for youth. BPR performs a series of ongoing and coordinated workshops by incorporating state-of-the-art music and sound recording approaches while working in small groups to provide students a hands-on musical arts experience. http://www.studionthego.com/

Deirdre Robb (Art Flag Bunting) is an award-winning artist whose multi-disciplinary approach includes installation, painting, textile, sculpture and printmaking. Her work has been exhibited throughout Ireland, Britain, Europe, USA and Australia. http://creativeexchangeartists.wordpress.com/about/deirdre-robb/

James Rojas (Chevy Visions) holds an MA in City Planning and an MS in Architecture Studies from MIT. He works as a city and transportation planner, and is the founder of the Latino Urban Forum, a non-profit dedicated to increasing awareness of planning and design issues facing low-income Latinos. He has conducted hundreds of interactive visioning workshops with people around the world to create three-dimensional models representing their ideas. http://www.placeit.org

Aimee Shapiro (Superfund Placemat) is director of education at the Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University and an independent illustrator and photographer. http://www.aimeeshapiro.com/

Raphaele Shirley produces light-art works that engage space and scale, past and future, utopias and dystopias, and the problematic of hope facing the human experience. Drawing from elements of the everyday (man-made objects and constructions), as well as natural phenomena (wind, water and light), she undertakes a portraiture of the possible, of parallel universes and sites of transformation. http://www.raphaeleshirley.com/

Spaceband Detroit uses a variety of homemade, toy, percussion, wind and electronic instruments to embody a colorful and artistic approach to music that has enthralled Michigan audiences for over 10 years. Costumed musicians weave a tapestry of soundscapes and African leaning polyrhythms, be-bop inspired vocal poetry and post funk bass to create a percolating hotbed of sound to accompany a stage show that must be seen to be believed. http://www.myspace.com/spacebanddetroit

Angela Stamps (Chevy Bike Tour) is founder of the Berston Bicycle Club Project, a bicycle program for teenagers in Flint, Michigan to learn bicycle safety while riding throughout the city. https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Berston-Bicycle-Club-Project

Jack Stock (For the Birds) is head of external relations at Kettering University and responsible for development of non-alumni related groups and individuals, keeping Kettering at the forefront in supporting greater Flint, Genesee County and the state. Jack is involved in community activities including Rotary International, Keep Genesee County Beautiful, Priority Children, the Atwood Stadium Authority, the Carolyn Mawby Chorale, and St. John’s Catholic church in Davison.

Maya and Todd “Quaint Self” Stovall are co-founders of Finite Studios, an art space/collective in Detroit’s McDougall Hunt neighborhood, housed in a re-purposed bank. Maya creates video installations, performance, writing, visuals, and sound with a minimalist esthetic. Todd is an electronica-making visual artist who constructs geometric shapes and patterns with a minimalist design style, and the 2012 Wayne State prize winner for community-based art. http://finitestudios.tumblr.com/

Jesse Sugarmann (We Build Excitement) is an interdisciplinary artist working in video, performance, sculpture, and fibers. His work engages the automotive industry as a manufacture of human identity, accessing automotive history as an index of both cultural identity and social history. http://www.jessesugarmann.com/

Synecdoche Design (Second Sight) is an architecture office whose principles Lisa Sauve and Adam Smith both hold Master’s degrees in Architecture from Taubman College at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI, and Bachelor’s degrees in Architecture from Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, MI. http://synecdochedesign.tumblr.com

Natasha Thomas-Jackson is a nationally acclaimed poet and executive director of RAISE IT UP! Youth Arts & Awareness, a nonprofit that promotes youth engagement, expression, and empowerment through the performing/literary arts and social activism. http://www.raiseitupyouth.org/

Trade School Flint is a non-traditional learning space where students barter with teachers. After you submit your class idea, when you’d like to teach, and what you want in exchange for teaching, Trade School organizers will review your submission. If your submission is approved, it will be posted on the website for students to sign up. On the day of class, you will meet your students at Trade School, receive your barter items, and enjoy the class. http://tradeschool.coop/flint/class/teacher-info