2013 Events

Saturday, April 27

choirs 1

4pm Happy Valley: Flint Male Chorus and Flint City Wide Choir

Bronx-based artist Laura Napier brings together two Flint choral groups to the Chevy site to sing “Amazing Grace” and other selections in their first-ever joint performance: Flint Male Chorus is directly descended from the company era Chevrolet-Flint Male Chorus of the Chevrolet Manufacturing Division, while Flint City Wide Choir is an interdenominational group from more than 40 churches across Flint. Juxtaposing musical styles from very different traditions, this performance will recognize and celebrate the different lives and cultures connected to the site, and will create common ground for past to meet future.

5 – 6pm Chevy Futures Visioning Workshop

What do you think Chevy-in-the-Hole should become? Join planner James Rojas for a hands-on, interactive workshop to explore the Chevy site and build a small three-dimensional model representing your ideas and visions for its future. Open to all ages.


7:30 pm The Rube Goldberg Variations

Musicians Frank Pahl and Tim Holmes perform on homemade instruments made using antique sewing machines, propane tanks, pots and pans, and other unusual materials. After the show, the audience is invited to play the instruments themselves.


Friday, April 19

celebration red

6pm Celebration Red

Artist Alison Knowles, a founding member of the Fluxus art movement, organizes a ceremonial happening at the Chevy site. Participants are invited to bring food and a red object to be placed on a large red fabric. Following the performance, Flint Public Art Project Executive Director Stephen Zacks will conduct a public interview of the artist, open to the general public.