2015 MOG at Free City

Vehicle City Stage curated by Jay Rowland

Where: Chevy Commons, entrance at Stevenson St. between University and Kearsley

Friday, Aug. 19
5 pm    Mike Roland, Flint, acoustic alternative rock
6 pm    Scott Green, Flint
7 pm    Apollo’s Din, Montrose, grungy trance blues
8 pm    Big Donut, Flint, southern 70’s rock
9 pm    Katie Stanley, Fenton, folk blues americana

Saturday, Aug. 20
5 pm    Wax Wane, Linden, post rock instrumental
6 pm    Urban Panda
7 pm    Sprowt, Flint, pop punk
8 pm    Allday Monday, Flint, acoustic alternative folk
9 pm    Fink, Flint, feel good psychedelic funk jazz blues
10 pm  Breaker Breaker, Flint, southern rock blues


Intergalactic Stage featuring the Mothership curated by Detroit Afrikan Music Institution

Where: Chevy Commons, entrance at Stevenson St. between University and Kearsley

Fri. Aug. 19: 6 – 10 pm     Synergistic Mythologies, BRYCE DETROIT, Efe Bes, Onyx Ashanti
Sat. Aug. 20: 6 – 9 pm       Efe Bes x iBm

The Mothership arrives from O.N.E. MILE, Detroit’s collaborative North End cultural project, alongside a group of musicians curated by Detroit Afrikan Music Institution, promoting new modalities of contemporary music by African descendants in the 21st Century. The mobile Mothership is a nomadic urban icon designed to transmit a diasporic African cultural narrative by Anya Sirota + AKOAKI.

“Decked out in polished gold vinyl and dichroic film on the outside, Akoaki applied car customization techniques to create the structure’s eye-catching polygonic shell, as if it were a nod to the Mothership’s home turf in Motor City and to North End’s cultural legacy. Colorful lighting adds the finishing touch of psychedelic oomph, while billowing smoke effects make the structure appear as if it just successfully landed at another jammin’ function to get the party started.”  – Justine Testado, Archinect


Laugh, Clown, Laugh by Little Bang Theory

Opening: Bill Brovold

When: Sat. Aug. 20, 2016, 8 – 10 pm
Where: Chevy Commons, entrance at Stevenson St. between University and Kearsley.

Detroit’s Frank Pahl and his “toy” music trio Little Bang Theory perform a live-score accompaniment to the 1928 MGM film Laugh, Clown, Laugh, featuring star of early cinema Lon Chaney, using children’s toys like brightly colored hand bells, crank-operated music boxes, toy pianos, and xylophones. Little Bang Theory is the brainchild of Detroit composer/sonic artist, Frank Pahl, performing with members Terri Sarris and Doug Shimmin. Little Bang Theory have performed at the Detroit Film Theater, Toledo Museum of Art, Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh, Theatre Gigante Studios in Milwaukee, The Carnegie Theatre in Covington, KY, and Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, among other places.

Bill Brovold is leader and composer of the Detroit-based experimental large band Larval as well as a solo musician and collaborator with many musicians from Rhys Chatham to Ron Ashton.

“A heart-broken clown and a romantically smitten count meet and join forces to help each other until they discover that they are in love with the same woman…Traditionally, silent movies were given live accompaniment by the resident pianist or theater organist of the theatrical venue. What if he replaced the organist with his own trio? The result is an entertaining evening of captivating joyful cacophony.”  – Wayne F. Anthony, Toledo Blade