Clear Cut 

Exhibition by Unusual Operation Operation
Dream Catcher 
610 Stone St.
Fri. 7 – 10 pm

Not everything in this world is clear-cut. A kaleidoscope of convictions and affiliations constantly hovers before our eyes, coloring and even obstructing our view of the world. It’s as though our houses have dirty windows, and we’re trying to make sense of what’s going on outside. We only see what our eyes can make out through the dirt and grime on the windowpanes, and we use this incomplete knowledge to interpret everything. What if, however, we cleaned those windowpanes? What if we emphasized the importance of edification instead of our personal allegiances? What if we focused on establishing a healthy community rather than our individual desires? What would the world look like if we allowed our personal convictions and opinions to only enrich our view of the world, instead of blinding us to it?