Spencer’s Center for Art & Architecture

The Spencer’s Center for Art & Architecture is envisioned as an alternative art space and design incubator situated on the edge of downtown Flint, Michigan. A renovated funeral home with a ground floor planned for exhibitions, meeting space, and a performance stage, an outdoor screening area and garden, and studios for visiting artists, the SCAA will be a Midwest regional center for contemporary public art initiatives organized by Flint Public Art Project.

Substantial design and programming work, as well as work on the foundation, exterior, and grounds, has been accomplished from 2012-13. Permits have been filed for the second phase of construction to complete roof repairs and repair the back wall, with funding from a Kickstarter campaign, and architectural drawings have been commissioned for the final phase of work on mechanical systems. Program-based funding has been secured for job-training work on the exterior and landscaping of the grounds.

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