Free City Festival

Free City is a large-scale public art festival that temporarily reclaims the former Flint-Chevy manufacturing site along the Flint River for public use. Since 2013, more than 200 artists and organizations from the city, the region, and the country have participated, including international artists from France, Germany, Ireland, and Poland. The event has attracted thousands of visitors from the region to activate the sprawling city-owned landscape at the curve of the Flint River.

Raphaele Shirley, Spinnning Circle, Shooting Cloud, 2013

Raphaele Shirley, Spinning Circle, Shooting Cloud, 2013

The Free City festival features dozens of music, dance, and theater performances, art installations, and hands-on workshops – all free and open to the public – to reconnect residents to the Chevy site and its future potential. A critical mass of temporary activities turned the abandoned industrial property into an active public space, highlighting the ongoing transformation of Flint.


In August 2017, the fifth annual Free City festival will address themes of ecology and technology, inviting collaborations between artists, designers, scientists, ecologists, and engineers that explore environmental remediation, interactive installations, citizen science, organizing tools, wearable technology, DIY robotics, and other emerging fields at the intersection of art, ecology, and technology.

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Free City is supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and the Greater Flint Arts Council.