Stone Street Coop & Residency

Flint Public Art Project is accepting applications for fall and winter 2016 residencies at Stone Street Coop, a program providing free or low-cost housing to students, artists, designers, community leaders, and teachers to pursue short-term projects in Flint, Michigan. Applications are reviewed on a rotating basis.

Neighborhood Art Parades

The Neighborhood Art Parade brings together Northside residents with artists and performers for monthly walks and gatherings to help reclaim the streets for the community.

Spencer’s Center for Art & Architecture

The Spencer’s Center for Art & Architecture is envisioned as an alternative art space and design incubator situated on the edge of downtown Flint, Michigan. A renovated funeral home with a ground floor planned for exhibitions, meeting space, and a performance stage, an outdoor screening area and garden, and studios for visiting artists, the Art House will be a Midwest regional center for contemporary public art initiatives organized by Flint Public Art Project.

Free City Festival

Free City is a large-scale public art festival that temporarily reclaims the former Flint-Chevy manufacturing site along the Flint River for public use. The event attracts thousands of visitors from the region to activate the sprawling city-owned landscape at the curve of the Flint River.