George Ananich

Architect, THA Architects

THA Architect Engineers located in Flint Michigan since 1957, specializes in architectural design, mechanical and electrical engineering, planning, construction administration, interior design and post construction services. THA has provided professional services on more than 10,000 projects for over 4,500 clients.

Vincent Appel


Medium is an architectural studio that explores the potential of space as a platform for social, economic, and environmental consciousness. Their projects often bridge the gap between art and architecture and accentuate how such spaces encompass an interaction between people and environment. Medium often penetrates the realm of material re-use and their projects foster a very consciously crafted lucid and cognitive engagement with the audience. Medium is based in New York City, NY.

CityBuild Consortium

CityBuild Consortium works closely with local communities to address their sustainable needs through architecture. The Consortium is made up of numerous design and architecture schools throughout the United States as well as non-profit organizations from New Orleans.

David Cook

Grimshaw Architects

Founded in 1980, Grimshaw Architects' practice is based on the utmost excellence of their buildings. The company's work is characterized by virtually unmatched detail, conceptual legibility, and above all, sustainability. Grimshaw Architects has offices in New York, London, Melbourne, and Sydney.

Freeman Greer, GAV & Associates

Architecture professor, Baker College

Whether developing commercial, residential, industrial, assembly, historical revitalization or educational architecture - GAV and Associates' passion for great design elevates projects to the next level. They work on projects diverse in both scale and complexity, while keeping in mind specific client needs, style and budget.

John Gazall

Gazall, Lewis & Associates

Gazall, Lewis & Associates is known to work together with clients, contractors, and sub-contractors as a team of skilled professionals that deliver successful design and architecture solutions. Their office continues to creatively design, effectively detail, and efficiently manage various urban projects.

Andrew Herscher, Detroit Unreal Estate Agency

University of Michigan College of Architecture

Herscher's work explores the architectural and urban manifestations of political violence, cultural memory, collective identity, and human rights. His work is mainly in Central and Eastern Europe. He has been particularly involved in the Balkans, where he has worked for the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia as an investigator and expert witness on the war-time destruction of cultural heritage. At the University of Michigan, Andrew Herscher is jointly appointed to the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, and the Department of Art History.

Jeanne Gang

Studio Gang

As the founder of Studio Gang, Jeanne Gang and her team of creatives and architects conduct urban, architectural experiments of varying scales; from cities to environments to individual buildings' unique material properties. Studio Gang has received national and international recognition and has been published and exhibited widely, most notably at the International Venice Biennale, the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the Smithsonian Institution's National Building Museum, and the Art Institute of Chicago. Studio Gang is based in Chicago, IL.

Deborah Gans

Gans' work encompasses multiple disciplines like industrial and graphic design, and architecture. Her studio's continuing work on alternative forms of housing includes disaster relief housing for Kosovo, which won an international competition and a subsequent grant for development, and a transitional housing system for Common Ground Community. They often address such social dilemmas and find creative, efficient solutions through sensible and carefully crafted design. Their design work has been widely published and exhibited at IFA Paris, RIBA London, The Rosenbach Museum Philadelphia, The Van Alen Institute, The Architectural League of New York, and The Venice Biennial 2008.

Nahyun Hwang

N H D M / Nahyun Hwang + David Eugin Moon

Nahyun Hwang is a founding partner of N H D M / Nahyun Hwang + David Eugin Moon, a collaborative practice for design and research in architecture and urbanism. Until founding
N H D M, Hwang practiced as a senior associate at Field Operations, and the Lead Project Designer / Design Project Manager for The High Line, New York, heading the design effort of a multidisciplinary team of architects, landscape architects, and others. Hwang's current research focuses on topics in alternative renewal paradigms for post-industrial and post/re-developmental urban conditions, and N H D M's latest projects include "(No) Stop Marconi" that re-imagines new public realm in the city, currently featured in 5th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam.

Bjarke Ingels

Architect, Bjarke Ingels Group

Bjarke Ingels Group, also known is BIG is a Copenhagen and New York based group of architects, designers, builders and thinkers operating within the fields of architecture, urbanism, research and development. Their projects often come with social, economic, and ecological undertones. By finding the ultimate balance between realistic and utopian solutions, BIG finds the freedom to change the surface of our planet, to better fit contemporary life forms. BIG is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and New York, NY.

Wes Janz

Architect and professor, Ball State University

Through his writings, teachings, and architectural explorations, Wes Janz considers scavenged spaces as nodes of spiritual human claim. Consequently, his work is a reminder of the infrastructural necessities of millions of people. His forthcoming book, One Small Project, is a powerful portrait of the millions of people who have used their own architectural ingenuity and unrelenting pride to construct for themselves a place to call home, despite some of the worst living conditions on the planet today. Janz is based in Muncie, IN.

Srdjan Jovanovic-Weiss

Normal Architecture Office / School of Missing Studies

NAO is an analyst for architecture, curating and urbanism. Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss is the chief designer at NAO and an Assistant Professor at Temple University, Tyler School of Art & Architecture. He studied at Harvard University Rem Koolhaas, Jacques Herzog and Richard Gluckman with design experiences from Herzog & de Meuron Architects in Basel, Gluckman Mayner Architects in New York and from collaborations with artists Jenny Holzer, Robert Wilson and Marjetica Potrc.


L.E.FT is an NYC-based design collective established in 2001. They are dedicated to examining intersections of cultural and political productions as they relate to the built environment. Their use of design is unconventional and aims to redefine the relationship between the object, its context and its users.

Jon Lott

PARA - Project

Jon Lott is the principal of PARA-Project, an office for architecture based in New York City. PARA works on projects of varying scales and media: from commercial, institutional, and residential work, to events and international competitions. They received the Young Architects Award from the Architectural League of New York (2007); was a finalist for the MoMA/P.S.1 Young Architects Program (2009) - exhibiting the proposal at the Museum of Modern Art; placed 1st in the Open Fort competition, and have had success with many more institutions. Jon Lott is a Master of Architecture with Distinction from Harvard University's Graduate School of Design and a Bachelor of Architecture from California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo.

Dennis Maher

University at Buffalo SUNY, Department of Architecture

The work of Dennis Maher ranges from a localized form of civic activism and material exploration with a focus on urban dismantlement to re-imagining the environment of pot-industry. Maher has accentuated the constant negotiation between making and unmaking, detritus and vacancy. Maher's ongoing project Undone-Redone City continues to conjure a new urban core from assembled city fragments, illuminating a world on the brink of indefinite becoming.

Min | Day + FACT

Through his writings, teachings, and architectural explorations, Wes Janz considers scavenged spaces as nodes of spiritual human claim. Consequently, his work is a reminder of the infrastructural necessities of millions of people. His forthcoming book, One Small Project, is a powerful portrait of the millions of people who have used their own architectural ingenuity and unrelenting pride to construct for themselves a place to call home, despite some of the worst living conditions on the planet today. Janz is based in Muncie, IN.

Matthias Neumann

Matthias Neumann's studio normaldesign is an interdisciplinary praxis working in the interstice between architecture and its related fields. They focus on the correlation of designed space with its aesthetic, social and idiomatic implications. normaldesign is based in New York City with a wide range of projects in the US and overseas.

Cathlyn Newell

University of Michigan School of Architecture

Catie Newell is the founding principal of Alibi Studio, Detroit and Assistant Professor of Architecture at the University of Michigan. Her work and research captures spaces and material effects, focusing on the development of atmospheres through the exploration of textures, volumes, and the effects of light or lack thereof. The work often reconfigures existing domestic spaces. Newell's creative practice has been widely recognized for exploring design construction and materiality in relationship to location and geography, and cultural contingencies.

Andrew Perkins

Andrew Perkins is a recent M. Arch graduate from the University at Buffalo whose work focuses on material consumption and ecology within architecture. His Dwelling on Waste project with Matthieu Bain took a tax-foreclosed property with a leaking roof, stripped mechanical systems, and rotted structure, and transformed it into a warm off-the-grid home using entirely found and scavenged materials. Currently, his work with Flint Public Art Project involves adapting the long-abandoned Spencer's Mortuary in Carriage Town for a cooperative art space, testing similar methods of material sourcing and improvisation as a way of challenging building conventions and processes of authorization.

Dan Rockwell

Studio 804

Studio 804, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation committed to the continued research and development of sustainable, affordable, and inventive building solutions. This is done by examining on all levels the standards of human comfort and the nature of urban spaces. Studio 804 educates students through the experience of all aspects embodied by design/build, a delivery model that is gaining widespread interest in the architectural profession. Studio 804 produces one building per year.

Hashim Sarkis

Harvard GSD

Hashim Sarkis (born 1964 in Beirut, Lebanon) is a Lebanese architect. Sarkis received his B.Arch. and BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1987, his M.Arch. with distinction from the Graduate School of Design in 1989, and his PhD in architecture from Harvard University in 1995. Prior to establishing his own practice in 1998, Sarkis worked for several design firms, including for Rafael Moneo on the souks project of Beirut. He was also programs director of Plan B, a non-profit organization involved in improving the quality of the built environment in Lebanon and the Middle East.


Florian Idenburg and Jing Liu

Solid Objectives - Idenburg Liu (SO - IL) is an idea driven design office founded by Florian Idenburg and Jing Liu in 2008. With a global reach, it brings together extensive experience from the fields of architecture, academia and the arts. A creative catalyst involved in all scales and stages of the architectural process, SO - IL approaches projects with an intellectual and artistic rigor fueled by a strong commitment to realizing their ideas in the world.

Scott Whipple

Landscape architect, director, Uptown Developments

The basic premise of the Flint Uptown Reinvestment Strategy is that many small, locally based initiatives and decisions will, over time; result in sustainable and significant improvements for downtown without the need for massive, single-project developments. They aim to bring together all downtown interests, including government, education, business, and charitable institutions in a broad-based coalition. They also upport existing businesses and encourage entrepreneurial business development in the downtown Flint business district and enhance the public infrastructure and improve aesthetics.

Craig Wilkins

Detroit Community Design Center, University of Michigan College of Architecture

Dr. Craig L. Wilkins, a 2010 Kresge Artist Fellow, received his doctorate at the University of Minnesota, his masters at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation and his bachelors from the University of Detroit School of Architecture. He's worked nationally and internationally as a designer, project architect and urban designer in such varied locations as Detroit, Washington, DC, New York, Houston, Minneapolis and Accra, as well as served as a research fellow at the University of Minnesota, University of Illinois Chicago and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. He currently serves as the director of the Detroit Community Design Center at the University of Michigan College of Architecture and Urban Planning, where he also teaching in both the architecture and urban planning departments.

James Wines

James Wines is an American artist/architect associated with Environmental design. Wines is founder and president of SITE, a New York City -based architecture and environmental arts organization chartered in 1970. This multi-disciplinary practice focuses on the design of buildings, public spaces, environmental art works, landscape designs, master plans, interiors and product design. The main focus of his design work is on green issues and the integration of buildings with their surrounding contexts. Wines is currently a professor of architecture at Penn State University.

Andrew Zago

Zago Architecture brings open-ended, creative inquiry to disciplinary concerns in architecture. Noted for its prescient articulation of emerging sensibilities, the practice weds quasi-autonomous aesthetic studies to the art of making buildings and cities. In doing so, Zago Architecture reaffirms the substantial and productive link amongst art, architecture and urbanism. Zago Architecture is based in Los Angeles.


Guy Adamec

Guy has been a traditional, vessel-oriented potter for forty years. He received a Master of Fine Arts from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1975, and is currently the Firemaster/Instructor at the Flint Institute of Art. He has also designed and fabricated several public mosaic murals and sculptures in the Flint area.

Jessica Back, The Fischer Bodies

Jessica Back is part of The Fischer Bodies. They are Flint's first ever burlesque troupe. A little bit of comedy, a little bit of striptease and just oodles of fun, The Fischer Bodies are committed to making Flint a sexier place.

Allison Danielle Behrstock

Francisca Benitez

Much of Francesca Benitez' practice revolves around the study of public space and the phycogeographic: How property issues, the jurisdictions of boundaries, lines and interactions of a city are being constantly re-defined and how the limits between public and private space take shape. Predominately drawn to dimensions and spaces around her that she considers to be overlooked or taken for granted, Bentitez aims to generate a discussion regarding new forms of urban-rural habitability in a territory of growing interconnectivity and hybridisation.

David Bernstein

David explores thinging (a reciprocal process of thinking, making things, thinking through things, and seeing things differently through thought). The objects that emerge become thinking tools, familiar objects transformed through minimal gestures into autonomous forms.

Glen Birdsall

Author Glen Birdsall was born and still lives in Flint, Michigan where he has been active in the community for most of his life. Mr. Birdsall works as a librarian in the non-profit sector and lives as a poet and artist in his free time. Glen has been published in newspapers, magazines, poetry anthologies, comic books, and art books and performed at open mics in coffee houses, bars, universities, parks, bookstores, concerts, and libraries.

Charles Boike

Amanda Browder

Amanda Browder describes her work as "a state of betweenness - 'twixt soft sculpture between orchestrated public object installation with a studio affinity for abstraction and minimalism". She in love with the transformative nature of materials, and how the combination of the familiar creates abstract relationships about place. This relational objectivity generates an open-ended narrative, ambiguous situations defined by the choice of materials and work ethic. Central to the psychedelic experience, Browder am drawn to reinventing Pop-Art colors by exploring shifts in scale and sculptural perceptions.

The Bruce High Quality Foundation

The Bruce High Quality Foundation, the official arbiter of the estate of Bruce High Quality, is dedicated to the preservation of the legacy of the late social sculptor, Bruce High Quality. In the spirit of the life and work of Bruce High Quality, they aspire to invest the experience of public space with wonder, to resurrect art history from the bowels of despair, and to impregnate the institutions of art with the joy of man's desiring.

The Center for Land Use Interpretation

The Center for Land Use Interpretation is a research and education organization interested in understanding the nature and extent of human interaction with the earth's surface, and in finding new meanings in the intentional and incidental forms that we individually and collectively create. They believe that the manmade landscape is a cultural inscription, that can be read to better understand who we are, and what we are doing.The organization was founded in 1994, and since that time it has produced dozens of exhibits on land use themes and regions, for public institutions all over the United States, as well as overseas.

Mitch Cope and Gina Reichart

Design 99

Gina Reichert and Mitch Cope founded Design 99 in 2007 to investigate new models of contemporary art and architectural practice. Initially occupying a retail storefront space, the design studio situated itself in the public realm offering over-the-counter design consultations and marketed $99 house call specials. Now embedded in their residential corner of Detroit, Design 99 seeks out opportunities to experiment with art and design within their community.

John Dempsey

John Dempsey's paintings explore abstracting graffiti typography and simplifying and elaborating forms to mix into something new. He has always been attracted to the beautiful lines of graffiti and "tags". He considers himself a documentarian of these lines - filling dozens of sketchpads with the best lines I've seen everywhere from alleys and dumpsters to the tags on mailboxes and bus seats.

Desiree Duell

Desiree Duell is a community artist based in Flint, Michigan. She has worked as a community artist and activist in several communities throughout the United States including Worland, Wyoming; Portland, Maine; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Flint, Michigan; and Baltimore, Maryland. Currently, she is an Artist-in-Residence for the Flint Public Art Project. Previously, Desiree served as the Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Wyoming. She was also the resident artist at BUILD/Child First Authority in Baltimore, Maryland. She received her Masters of Arts in Community Arts at Maryland Institute College of Art, and her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Sculpture with honors at the Maine College of Art.

Olafur Eliasson

Olafur Eliasson is a Danish-Icelandic artist known for sculptures and large-scale installation art employing elemental materials such as light, water, and air temperature to enhance the viewer's experience. In 1995 he established Studio Olafur Eliasson in Berlin, a laboratory for spatial research. Eliasson represented Denmark at the 50th Venice Biennale in 2003 and later that year installed The Weather Project in the Turbine Hall of Tate Modern, London. The artist is represented by Tanya Bonakdar Gallery in New York, Gallery Koyanagi in Tokyo, PKM Gallery in Seoul/Beijing, and Neugerriemschneider in Berlin.

Pauly Everett

Diego Fernandez

Diego is a painter, musician and performer from Santiago, Chile based in New York.

Catherine Grau

Process Institute

The Process Institute founded itself as an artist collective as a solution to supporting public practices, working without a permanent space or consistent support systems. If temporality & mobility are the contemporary answer to sustain culture, we need to initiate an invested exploration of the possibilities of this phenomenon.

Janet Haley

Janet Haley is a member of Actor's Equity Association. Professional acting credits include: Rebecca in Rebecca at Book-It Repertory, Seattle; Ophelia in Hamlet at Harlequin Productions, Olympia, WA; Beatrice in Servant of Two Masters at Idaho Repertory Theatre; Delphina in Valparaiso at Boise Contemporary Theater; and numerous iconic roles at Michigan Shakespeare Festival, including Beatrice, Portia and Gertrude. Janet has extensive experience as a teaching and performing artist in the realm of Theatre for Young Audiences. She toured nationally for several years with Idaho Theatre for Youth.

Ben Hamper

Bernard Egan "Ben" Hamper (born c. 1956) is a Michigan-based writer. He was born in Flint, Michigan from a Catholic family that had many former employees of General Motors amongst its members. Hamper also worked for General Motors in Michigan for several years and wrote for Michael Moore's Flint Voice. He has also worked as a correspondent on several of Moore's television projects. Ben also hosted and wrote comedy for Take No Prisoners TV show in Flint. This program aired on local community access and documented the Flint underground music scene from 1989 to 1998.

Eric Hinds

Dan Green

Institute for Aesthetic Modulation

Dan Green's work is sculpture and performance at the same time. He manipulates keyboards and phone cords and crab shells into costumes that are easily anthropomorphized. He is a passionate maker, and a skilled and successful educator.

Marc Grubstein

Fantastic Nobodies

The camera serves as an extension of Marc Grubstein's eye, his aesthetic and, in turn, his life experiences. Grubstein's photographs categorize sensations and expose human fragility. They are often dark-humored visual metaphors that depict the absurdity surrounding everyday life. The subject matter is diverse and sometimes questions the notion of beauty.

The Hinterlands

The Hinterlands are a Detroit-based company dedicated to exploring the art of performance through ecstatic play and explosive training.

Scott Hocking

Scott Hocking was born in Redford Township, Michigan in 1975, and has lived and worked in Detroit proper since 1996. He creates site-specific sculptural and photographic installation projects, often using found materials.

G.H. Hovagimyan

G.H. Hovagimyan is an experimental artist working in a variety of forms. He was one of the first artists in New York to start working with the Internet in the early nineties. His work ranges from new media and hypertext works to digital performance art, video art, photography and multi-media installations.

Hungry March Band

The Hungry March Band has earned a reputation for mythical revelry having performed at a huge variety of fine venues and celebrated events. Such planned and spontaneous performances have included guerilla art events, mermaid parades, rural raves, subway parties, eccentric weddings, community affairs, protests, high art events, the Staten Island Ferry, Brighton Beach Boardwalks, MOMA, Lincoln Center, steps of the NYC Post Office, playing themselves in the final scene of John Cameron Mitchell's recent film "Shortbus" and many other forays into the territories of free spirit.

Pierre Huyghe

Pierre Huyghe was born in 1962 in Paris, France. He attended the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris (1982-85). Employing folly, leisure, adventure, and celebration in creating art, Huyghe's films, installations, and public events range from a small-town parade to a puppet theater, from a model amusement park to an expedition to Antarctica. By filming staged scenarios (such as a re-creation of the true-life bank robbery featured in the movie "Dog Day Afternoon"), Huyghe probes the capacity of cinema to distort and ultimately shape memory.

Chris Jordan

Chris Jordan explores the medium of light, movement, and time through the use of technology. His installations have appeared at the Moma, The New Museum, The Whitney, The Museum of Natural History, The Chelsea Museum, Times Square, numerous galleries and clubs; and the incidental spaces inbetween. The common elements that define Chris' work include explorations into memory, photography, film, interactivity, and projections. By examining the political and social implications technology has on us through a diversity of media, his work challenges the viewer to redefine perceptions of audience and performer.

Farrah Karapetian

Farrah Karapetian is an artist who works with cameraless photography and sculpture. She lives and works in Los Angeles, where her solo show "Representation3" opens on April 14 at Roberts & Tilton, and her ongoing project Student Body Politic will be shown at the Vincent Price Art Museum from May 22 through August 17. Here, Karapetian discusses her photogram process and the nature of the photographic signifier in her reenactments of pictures of current events.

Michael Kelly

Mott Community College

Michael Kelly is an actor with the Kearsley Park Players, community leader, and director of public information at Mott Community College.

Raf Kelman

Raf Kelman works in a variety of media in the pursuit of decent art, including sculpture, installation, drawing, and animated video

Peter Kyle Dance

Peter Kyle Dance is a New York City based contemporary dance company founded in 2006 to further the art of dance and all the arts through collaboration. Creating innovative performances, education and outreach programs the company celebrates a fundamental belief in the power of the imagination and the beauty of humans in motion.

The Madagascar Institute

The Madagascar Institute is an art combine in Brooklyn that specializes in large-scale sculptures and rides, live performances, and guerilla art events.

Rebekah Mikkelson

Tim Monahan

Carriage Town Historic Neighborhood Alliance

The Alliance's mission is to preserve and promote their neighborhood, to stimulate future reinvestment in the area, and to build a sense of community, making Carriage Town an attractive, clean and safe neighborhood in which to live.

Lize Mogel

Lize Mogel is an interdisciplinary artist who works with the interstices between art and cultural geography. She creates and disseminates counter-cartography maps and mappings that produce new understandings of social and political issues. Her work connects the real history and collective imaginary about specific places to larger narratives of globalization. She has mapped public parks in Los Angeles, future territorial disputes in the Arctic, and wastewater economies in New York City.


M.River & T.Whid Art Asociates

Both members of MTAA live and work in Brooklyn, New York. Michael Sarff and Tim Whidden formed the artist collaboration MTAA in 1996. The home for MTAA's various on- and off-line activities. MTAA has presented work at The New Museum, MoMA PS1, The Whitney Museum, Postmasters Gallery and Artists Space, all in New York City; Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY; 2010 01SJ Biennial, San Jose, CA; The Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN; The Beall Center for Art and Technology, UC Irvine, CA; The Getty Center, Los Angeles, CA; and SFMOMA, San Francisco, CA.

Museum of Contemporary Art - Flint

In direct response to contemporary culture, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Flint acts as the vanguard in publicizing and presenting the art of our time. MOCAF's primary aim is to foster a critical discussion of artistic, cultural, and social values that are catalysts in contemporary life.

Anne Marie O'Neill

Anne Marie O'Neill is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Brooklyn, N.Y. She was raised in Redlands, CA and attended The University of Massachusetts, Amherst where she graduated with a BFA in 2010. O'Neill's work often centers on themes of domesticity, decay, and language. Found objects play a large roll in her art making, as she is intrigued by the semiotics of useless things: the meaning of matter which no longer serves it's intended function.

Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere

Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere's interests lie in the formation of mobile, performative and discursive-based social spaces, along with the re-articulation of radio within such locales. Through various media forms, their current projects investigate contemporary music, dissent, and public fora, and move between the spatial simultaneity of performance and enunciation, reflecting upon the projection of political agency through transmission and song.

Nsumi Collective

Nsumi spawns art collectives and experimental groups through a gift economy consulting project, workshops, art exhibitions and performances, zines, academic research, and public interventions.

Trevor Paglen

Social scientist, artist, writer and provocateur, Paglen has been exploring the secret activities of the U.S. military and intelligence agencies--the "black world"--for the last eight years, publishing, speaking and making astonishing photographs. As an artist, Paglen is interested in the idea of photography as truth-telling, but his pictures often stop short of traditional ideas of documentation.

Joseph Reinsel

University of Michigan - Flint

Joe Reinsel is an artist and educator who works in the areas of time-based arts and interactive media. Starting as a composer, his work evolved to incorporate video, animation, and interactive formats.

His artistic works have been performed at national and international events including: SIGGRAPH 2006, Zero One San Jose, Art Interactive, Contemporary Museum (Baltimore), University of Glasgow, Pixelache, Roulette, Deep Listening Space, Galapagos Arts Space, Tonic/subtonic, Engine27, and Mobius.

Tino Sehgal

Tino Sehgal (born 1976) is a British-German artist based in Berlin. His works, which he calls "constructed situations", involve one or more people carrying out instructions conceived by the artist. What all of Sehgal's works have in common is that they reside only in the space and time they occupy, and in the memory of the work and its reception. The artist himself describes his works as 'constructed situations', whose materials are the human voice, language, movement, and interaction, without the production of physical objects.

Raphaele Shirley

Raphaele Shirley is a multi-media artist whose work spans installation art, light sculpture, video, art collectives and social intervention. Her work deals with questions of space, time and primordial life forces and the ephemeral.

Jeff Stark

Jeff Stark is the editor of Nonsense NYC, a weekly email list and discriminating resource for independent art, weird events, strange happenings, unique parties, and senseless culture in New York City. The Village Voice cited him in Best of NYC in 2002, 2003, and 2004, dubbing him the "best underground culture resource." New York Magazine singled him out in 2006 as one of the "Influentials" shaping life in the city.

Jesse Sugarmann

Jesse Sugarmann is an interdisciplinary artist working in video, performance, sculpture, and fibers. His work engages the automotive industry as a manufacture of human identity, accessing automotive history as an index of cultural identity and social history. Jesse has exhibited work both nationally and internationally in venues such as the Getty Institute, el Museo Tamayo, the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, the Banff Center, Filmbase Dublin, Human Resources LA, Drift Station Nebraska, and the 2010 Portland Biennial. His work has been written about in publications including ArtForum, Art Papers, ART LTD, Art Cards, Art Fag City, Art Car Nation, ArtSlant, and the New York Times. He is represented by Portland's Fourteen30 Contemporary and is the recipient of a 2012 Creative Capital film/video grant. Jesse lives and works in Bakersfield, California.


Swoon is a street artist born in New London, Connecticut, and raised in Daytona Beach, Florida. She moved to New York City at age nineteen, and specializes in life-size wheatpaste prints and paper cutouts of figures. Swoon, real name Caledonia Dance Curry, studied painting at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and started doing street art around 1999.

Cassie Thornton

Dave Toorongian

Trade School

Trade School celebrates practical wisdom, mutual respect, and the social nature of exchange.

Cristen Velliky

Assistant Professor of Art, UM-Flint; Director, UCEN Gallery

Cristen Velliky's work continually strives to combine the new and the old within a seamless composition. He is compelled to create work that is in response to the awe he experience when confronting everyday materials; whether it is a worn stone, rusted steel, scratched glass or weathered wood. It is this devotion to examining the materials of our daily environment that binds him to the pursuit of making objects.

Jeremy Winchester

Artistic director of the Flint Youth Theatre

For the past several years, Jeremy has maintained an active career as a freelance theatre artist, working in New York City, Seattle and Los Angeles, among many other places.

Jeremy joined the Flint Youth Theatre in 1997 and worked as a resident artist, technical director and production manager until 2001. He is originally from Oklahoma and holds a BFA in Theatre from the University of Oklahoma and an MFA in Design from the University of Washington. He lives with his wife, Janet Haley, assistant professor of theatre at the University of Michigan-Flint.


Tom Hall

Film festival producer

Tom Hall is the Artistic Director of the Sarasota Film Festival (2005 - present) in Sarasota, FL. Formerly, Hall was the Artistic Director of the Newport International Film Festival (2009) in Newport, RI, Programmer for The Nantucket Film Festival in Nantucket, MA (2002 - 2005) as well as a former Director of New Media for Bravo/The Independent Film Channel (1997 - 2000). He has also worked in the Industry and Guest Services Offices at The Hamptons International Film Festival (2002 - 2003).

Tom has directed short films for Bob Mould's Carnival of Light and Sound Tour and is a member of the indieWIRE blogging community with his blog The Back Row Manifesto.

Leonard Jones

Multimedia producer, Paradigm Attractions

Paradigm Attractions has been providing the college, corporate, and high School markets with innovative and interactive entertainment for over six years. Paradigm has based it existence and future in the entertainment industry on customer service. Our company will continuously strive to bring quality events that are affordable to potential buyers.

Michael Moore

Dog Eat Dog Films

Michael Francis Moore is an American filmmaker, author, social critic and activist. He is the director and producer of Fahrenheit 9/11, which is the highest-grossing documentary of all time and winner of the Palme d'Or.

Michael Ramsdell

Filmmaker, Under the Hood Productions

"Traveling the world with a camera affords me the tremendous opportunity to meet and engage individuals who would otherwise be known to me only through media bites and stereotypes. When these stereotypes are penetrated, and the human being emerges - I grow, the world shrinks, and of the difference is born hope.
This is a story worth telling. This is a story worth realizing."

Pharlon Randle

Bangtown Productions

BANGTOWN Productions and Recordings is a complete studio with the capabilities to make any type of music clients may need. There has been over 50 CDs released worldwide with the stamp of BANGTOWN Productions on it. Pharlon Randle is the President and Opereator or BANGTOWN. Pharlon has over 20 years or Studio and Songwriting experience. He has the ability to make any style of music under the sun.

Nayyirah Shariff

Artisan and community advocate, Revolutionary Bread

Flint activist Nayyirah Shariff has been working against the budget cuts to keep Flint's underprivileged and underserved healthy.

Shariff is a member of the Genesee County Healthy Sexuality Coalition, individuals and organizations interested in reducing the amount of sexually transmitted diseases (STD), sexually transmitted infections (STI) and unintended pregnancies in Genesee County.

Natasha Thomas-Jackson

RAISE IT UP! Youth Arts & Awareness

"You can be an artist in many different ways, but your art can also provide creative solutions for the neighborhood. The kids arrive wanting to do poetry, or dance, or music. But they soon realize that they can use their art not just for their own personal growth, but also apply it to their community. Art is activism."

Doug Weiland

Genesee County Land Bank

The Land Bank's mission is to restore value to the community by acquiring, developing and selling vacant and abandoned properties in cooperation with stakeholders who value responsible land ownership.